What Happens

Peyton Spyvie is a normal teenage girl in London who happens to be the cousin of notorious Louis Tomlinson. So technically, that makes her life NOT normal.


16. Chapter 16: One Way or Another

  *Beep*Beep*Be-* I throw the alarm clock across the room. I here it land somewhere on the carpet. What a great thing to wake up to, an annoying alarm clock. Note the sarcasm. Just as I was about to go back to sleep Avery walks in. "What the heck Peyton!" She yells. she must of heard me throw the alarm clock.

  "Ummm, I was just thro- wait. Why are you dressed in the clothes you had on yesterday at 1 in the morning?" I ask her. "You dimwit it's still Valentines day! And your birthday! Do you really think I would let my best friend sleep through her birthday! At least I was generous enough to let you sleep for 2 hours." She argues. "Oh, well, thx I guess. So what's on the agenda?" I ask her.

  "Well you amazing cousin Louis called aaaand he and the boys want to come pick you up to take you somewhere special." The memories of this morning come flooding back. "Is Harry going to be there?" I ask Avery. "Wellll..." She starts. "Avery!!" I whine. "Sorry! But I'll come and  be your personal body guard, how 'bout that hm?" She asks. "Whatever." I say not really caring at this point.

  "Wait a minute, what time are they coming again?" I ask her. "Uhh," she looks down at her phone. "In about....30 minutes?" She hesitantly says knowing I was going to flip. "WHAT?! I have to get ready!" I yell. I jump out of my bed sending the covers flying. I run to my closet and grab my jeans, an avengers t-shirt, my jack wills sweatshirt, some socks, and some grey converse high tops.

 Next I run to the bathroom. I quickly brush my teeth, and then my hair. I grab the nearest hair tie and throw it up in a messy bun. Ok, am I ready? I look in the mirror making a mental check list. Makeup! I'm not a real make up person so I just dab on some concealer.  Ok, now am I ready? I look in the mirror one more time fixing my hair in random places.

  "Peyton! Louis' here!" I hear A (A is my nickname for Avery) yell from down the hallway. "K! Coming!" I yell back. I quickly grab my phone and wallet. I stick my wallet in my pocket and my phone in my hoodie pocket. Ok, done, finally! I sprint to the living room, which isn't far, to meet Avery and someone who is definitely not my cousin.

"Again?" I ask.

  Standing in mine and Avery's small living room was Harry freaking Styles. "Seriously?" I say out loud. "Are you like stocking me now?!" I get louder with each word. "Peyton-" Harry tries to say.. "No, stocking is not cool! Avery, why did you let him in?" I turn to Avery now. "Uh, well, you see, he came to get you because the rest of the guys are waiting in the car?" She says unsurely. "I thought I could trus- wait, what?" I process what she just said.

  "Are you wearing my sweatshirt?"  Harry asks me. I look down at the sweatshirt I was wearing. "Uhhhhhhhhhh, maybe. I just grabbed a random sweatshirt out of my closet." I say with a bit of attitude. "Yeesh, Sorry I asked." He says back with just as much tude. "You should be." I retort I looking into his beautiful green orbs. I almost forgot that I was mad at him.

  "GUYS! It's time to go!" Avery yells at us. She ushers us out the door. I here the click of the lock meaning she locked the door. We make our way out the lobby and into the parking lot. There was alot of cars there but there was was that stood out. A big black van with the windows down was blaring coldplay's 'Paradise'. Yeah, that''s definently their's.

  We walk over to the van. I glance at Harry and notice he's wearing his usual outfit. White t-shirt, black skinny jeans, ankle boots, and ray-bans. Honestly I know I'm not supposed to be thinking this but he looks Hot! I focus back on the van. I see Louis pointing to us and giving orders of some sort. Next thing I know The doors are open and the rest of the band are piling out.

 "Louis!" I yell running to him. "Peyton!" He yells and embraces me in a bear hug. The rest of the boys give me hugs. "Alright let's get this show on the road." Louis announces. Everyone piles back into the car. I can tell that this is going to  be a long ride.......

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