What Happens

Peyton Spyvie is a normal teenage girl in London who happens to be the cousin of notorious Louis Tomlinson. So technically, that makes her life NOT normal.


14. Chapter 14: Tears and Goodbyes

 So today is Saturday!! Yay no more school for 2 days!!! I'm so excited, I just can't hide it! Louis texted me a few minutes ago that he needed to tell me something REALLY important, his words not mine. So now i'm in my car driving to his flat.

 I park my car and head inside. I knock on Louis door. *knock*knock*knock*. I wait a few seconds before i start to here footsteps. The swings open to reveal Harry, my lovely boyfriend. "Harry!" I great him. "Peyton, hey how are you?" He asks leading me in. "Good, you?" I ask.

 "Fine, but even better if you give me a kiss." He smiles cheekily. I walk towards him till were barely a centimeter apart. I start to lean in but right as my lips brushed his i pulled away. "You'll live." I smirk at him. "Hey! No-one likes a tease!" he exclaims. He suddenly gets a mischievious look on his face.

 "No, Harry..." I start but he gets closer. I have no other choice, I make a run for it. I can here Harry's footsteps behind me. As i reach the living room, I'm tackled from behind. We both land on the floor with a thud. Harry's now leaning over me with one hand on either side of my head.

 "Well hello there beautiful." He smirks at me. "Hey there handsome." I smirk back. "I believe you still owe me that kiss." He tells me. "What about it?" I ask still smirking. He doesn't say anything, instead he leans down and softly kisses me.

 Our lips move in sinc. After I pull away for air he kisses me again, this time more hard. Soon it becomes a make-out session on the floor of Louis' living room. We pull away when we here cheering and cat calls. "Bloody hell, could you please not do that on my floor in my living room in my flat!" Louis exclaims.

 Harry gets up and gives me a hand. Once i'm standing up i take a step towards Louis. "Sorry Louis." I apologize. "It's ok." He reply's. "So what did you want me over here to tell me?" I ask him. He shifts on his feet a bit, which is never a good sign. It means he's nervous, oh no.


 "So you mean to tell me that YOU, Just FORGOT to tell me that you were LEAVING TOMORROW!?!!" I ask/scream at Louis. The rest of the boys left except for Harry. "We'll be back in what, wait, what's the date?" Louis asks. "November 30th." I tell him. "Ok well, then we'll be back 2 months and uh a few days." He tells me.

 "A few months!!!" I yell. "Yes, I promise to call, text, skype, facetime, and email you all of the time. I promise not look, touch, or even think about other girls, It's only you." Harry stands up facing me. From the corner of my eye i see Louis (literally) tiptoe out of the room.

 "But, We've only been together for about a month. I really am falling harder each day. I don't know what I'll do without you." I tell him truthfully looking into his beautiful emerald eyes. "You know what they say, being far away makes the heart grow fonder. But mine's a bit more over fond. Peyton, I love you, and no-one can change that."

 I'm shocked. I can't help it i start to tear up a bit. "I, I love you too Harry. Ever since I saw you in that spider-man costume." I say with my voice cracking. We laugh a bit at the Spider-Man part.

 "'l'll love you forever," i cut him off. "and always?" i ask cracking a smile. "yeah and always....i just now realized how cheesy that sounds..." I laugh at him. "I wouldn't have it any other way." I tell him.


 Right now we're standing infront of the airport with them taking their stuff out of my new range rover. Harry insisted i take it so i remember him. Although ironically i found one of his sweatshirts in the backseat. Apparently he can't fit it into his suitcase.

 So i'm wearing it. It really does smell like Harry. I hear the trunk close and the boys walk to where i'm standing next to the trunk. They each give me hugs. When it's Louis' turn i start to cry a little into his shoulder. "I'll miss you." I get out. "you too peepee." I laugh a bit. That was my nickname from when we were little.

 Last is Harry the boys go ahead and walk into the airport to give us some privacy. "I'll miss you a lot." I tell him. "Yeah me too." He pulls me in for a hug. "I love you." He wispers in my ear. "I love you too." I wisper back.

 We pull away and he looks into my eyes and gives me a short but satisfying kiss. "I have to go, but i'll text you once i get on the plane. "ok, bye." i tell him with my voice cracking. He give me one more hug and then leaves to meet up with the rest of the boys.

 I get in my car and cry for a few minutes. But I have to be strong. For Louis, For Harry, For the boys, and for me.



 LAST CHAPTER OMG!!! Soooooo sequal anyone?


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