What Happens

Peyton Spyvie is a normal teenage girl in London who happens to be the cousin of notorious Louis Tomlinson. So technically, that makes her life NOT normal.


11. Chapter 11: Dead Meat

 The ride back was silent. Mostly because i kept shushing Avery whenever she tried to talk. I'm trying to think of the perfect prank.....hmmm.... LIghtbulb! Mwahahahahaha Louis is going to regret the day he was born.

 When we pull up to my house I jump right out. When i get inside i notice the house was empty. I decided to text Harry.


 Me: Hey, where r u guys?

 Harry: We're at the bachelor pad. You should come over!! Pleaseeeeee!!

 Me: K, we're on our way now. c u soon :) xx

 Harry: Can't wait ;) xx


 "Avery get in the car we're going to the guys house!" I yell down the stairs. "ok!" she yells back.

We both get back into the jeep and speed off to the pad. Louis texted me the adress yesterday incase we wanted to go over and hang out.

 When we get there i'm attacked by a hug from Louis. "Get off LOUIS!" I scream in his ear. He jumps right off. "Goodness woman, you can yell!" He says. "I try." I tell him.

 "Peyyyyyyyyyyyytooooooooooooooonn!!" I here Harry running through the flat. "Haaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaarrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrryyyyyy!!!!" I yell back and embrace him in a bear hug. We step away and Louis speaks up. "You guys wanna have a football match?" He asks all of us. Liam, Niall, and Zayn decided to join us in the living room. "Sure, im up." Niall tells him. Everyone else agreed.

 "Ok, so me and Louis are team captains, I'll go first." Harry states. "OK." Louis replys. "Peyton." I go over to his side of the room. "Niall." Niall goes over and stands next to Louis. "Liam." Liam stands next to me. "Avery." Louis calls. "Zayn." Zayn walked over to us.


 So we won with 15 goals and they lost with 7. It was a good game. But now, it's time to prepare for my master plan to get Louis back. He's gonna get it, oh yeah, he's gonna get it good!! Mwahhahahahhahahahhahahha!!!!!!!!

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