What Happens

Peyton Spyvie is a normal teenage girl in London who happens to be the cousin of notorious Louis Tomlinson. So technically, that makes her life NOT normal.


10. Chapter 10: Paparazzi


  *yawn* I sit up in my bed. The sun is seeping through my curtains. I remember saturday night and I smile. Harry Styles is my boyfriend, wow, never thought I'd say that. Yesterday, nothing really happened. The boys had signings and stuff so I didn't get to hang with them, and Avery was out doing who knows what.

 I look at my clock beside my bed. 7:15. Crap! If I don't get ready in 15 minutes I'll be late! I jump out of bed and slip on Skinny jeans, a one direction t-shirt (Louis got it for me as a long time no see gift...), A black hoodie, and some black converse high tops. I brushed my teeth and then brush my hair and put it up in a messy bun.

 I run down stairs and grab a poptart and my messenger bag backpack. I grab my car keys of the counter and run out the door while finishing my poptart. I unlock my old jeep that was my dad's, but he got a truck, and rush to school. I park in my spot and check my self in the mirror (it's a good thing I don't wear make up) and check the clock. 7:28, good I have a few minutes to get to my locker. I hop and of the car and walk into school.

 When I walk into school I'm meeted by Avery. We get to our lockers and make it to class on time.

~After school~


 Avery and I walk out of school and are met by flashing lights. "Peyton! What's it like dating a mega super star" "Is it true Louis Tomlinson is jelous of Harry?" "When did you and Styles start dating?" All these questions start flying at me. I grab Avery's wrist and run to the jeep. I start it and drive away as fast as possible.

 "How did they know?" I ask Avery, hoping she would know something. "Louis?" she guessed. She was probably right. When I see Louis, he's gonna get it.

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