What Happens

Peyton Spyvie is a normal teenage girl in London who happens to be the cousin of notorious Louis Tomlinson. So technically, that makes her life NOT normal.


1. Chappy 1: Trick or Treat?



       Sup, my names Peyton Spyvie and my look alike is Victoria Justice. I'm a tomboy who loves video games, skateboarding, pranks, and my BFF! Unfortunately my bff is a girly girl, her name is Avery Cenalis who looks ALOT like Anna Sophia Robb. I'll stop stalling now and you can continue with the story.




  "A hurry up!" Me and my bestie Avery are currently getting ready for halloween! I know what your thinking what in the world are two hot seniors like us doing? Well, since you asked well, I have this weird thing where I wear costumes a lot but I dont get candy! Now, you better. That is my reason. A's reasoning is that it's fun. It is, but mine makes more sense.

   Alright you caught me, there is one more reason, there's  a halloween dance at our school and I hate dances!!!!! So, us, being the mature one's are getting candy and then watching movies while getting fat! And that is all.

   "You ready to go Pey?" "Yup" I reply popping the 'p'. I'm going as a nerd with a tablet so I can  take pictures of cool houses and costumes and possibly play games when I'm bored, but tell Avery please. Avery is going as Louis Tomlinson, I told her not to because it would be a bit weird, but no, no one every listen to Peyton!!! I think I'm a future teller person. Your probably lost, just wait and you'll just have to find out!!!

    We walk out the door and start are candy route. About 10 minutes of getting candy later we here "Look,Look! Me,me! It's me I wanna go say hi to me!" "NO!" "YES HAHAHA!"  Who the heck is that. Gosh people can be so annoying! As we're about to cross the street we see a guys dressed up as superman running towards us. "Hi!" He say to Avery. "Hello? Do I know you?" "Yes silly!! hahaha! Your dressed up as me!" what in the world? "It can't be.... that means Louis Tomlinson !?!" Avery screams ahhh my ears!

   I then see 4 more guys running towards us. One as a teletubby, Batman, A ghost thing, and What......... Stitch (from lelo and stitch, i dont like miley cyrus so yeah.), really thats the best he could do? They approach us and the stitch dude slaps Louis on the head. "owee what was that for." "Well 1, running off and 2, you could've blown our cover!" "oh sorry haz." So his name is haz? Ook then.

  "Oh, clone i never cought your name." Louis asked A. "It's Avery and this is me bestie Peyton."  "Hi Peyton" Louis says. "Hi Louis." I say a bit quietly.

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