What Happens

Peyton Spyvie is a normal teenage girl in London who happens to be the cousin of notorious Louis Tomlinson. So technically, that makes her life NOT normal.


12. Capter 12: you've just been punked

 *ring* ring * ring*


 "Hey Eleanor."

 "Hey peyton whats up?"

 "can you come over today its really important."

 "sure be there in a few."

 "thanks bye."

 Great, my plan is in motion. I walk out of the bathroom of Louis flat and make my way to the living room with everyone else. I flop down on the couch next to Harry. "Hey Lou, El told me she's coming today, you should take her out or something later." I tell Louis slyly.

 "Yeah, that sound great." He reply's looking away from the telly. I can't help but smile at my brilliance. "what's up with you?" Harry wispers in my ear. "tell you later." i wisper back to him.

  *ding * dong*

 " I GOT IT!!!!!!" I scream running to the door. I open up the door to see El standing there. "Eleanoooooooooorrrrrr!!!!!!!!" I scream. "Peytoooooooonnnnnn" She screams right back. I bring her into the famous tomlinson bear hug.

 I have to let go when Louis comes running full speed at us. He also pulls El into a bear hug.

 After our little meet n greet, we all head back to the living room. "Hey El can I talk to you......privately." I ask her. "ummmm..........sure?" she asks unsurely.  We get up and she follows me to the back yard.

 "So what I really wanted to talk to you about was that I need to get Louis back for something and I need your help." I tell her. "What are you getting him back for?" she asks. "He tweeted about Harry and I dating." i tell her. "ohhhhhh sure. What do I do?" she asks curiously. "Well....."


 "Everything is in place. Time to place the ring in the desert." I tell the cook. So i got the manager, cook, and a waitress at some fancy italian place to help me out. Also their bodygaurd Paul, their camera crew and Tyler Oakley. "Ok, i'm sticking it in side of the slice of cake." He says while doing so.

 "Good, so, we're all reading all go get ready to annouce that, well, he got punked, and thanks again for letting me post this on my youtube channel Peyton." Tyler tells me. "Hey, anything for my favorite youtuber!" I tell him as he walks out of the kitchen.

 The waitress comes in to take the cake to their table. I follow her out but sit in an empty booth a few seats away. "Here you go enjoy your meal." I hear the waitress tell them. Okay just a few more seconds wait for it, wait for it, and....... "OMG! Louis Tomlinson oh my gosh. Yes! Oh my gosh yes!" I hear Eleanor yell. I try to hold in my laughter till Tyler comes out in a few.

 "But I......uh....this is awkward..i...uh..well." He starts. "You...uh..well, got punked!" Tyler announces as he stands up from his booth in front of me the camera crew, paul, the manager, cook, waitress, and I all step out from wherever.

 "Oh my gosh your face!" I don't hold the laughter in anymore. "please don't tell me you got that on camera." he says desperitely. "Oh, yeah, and it's going on Tyler's youtube channel!" I tell him still laughing a bit. "Oh boy." He slumps down in his seat. That was too good! Oh my gosh, just my pranking skills are Fablouis!

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