Clara Calder [IN EDITING]

'My name is Clara.'


'my name is Clara fullstop.'



13. Chapter 12

Clara's pov


"Get up! Get up! GET UP!" Keri screamed in my ear

"Keri!" I groaned

"come on we are having a party" she grinned like a Cheshire cat
"we just got here" I grumbled, I had been laying on my bed for about half an hour, with my eyes closed and thinking. I sat up straight looking at Keri, how can she not be tired?

"exactly, every time we all get together again, we throw a house party, you haven't met the others yet but you'll meet them at the party" she explained,  I am so awkward at parties, I do a weird sort of dance where I just bend my knees and bob to the music."Okay, I will go but will you let me go and get some water first" I sighed. she nodded. I padded down the hall in my slippers and got a cup from the cupboard, I turned on the tap "so are you going to the party?" I shrieked and dropped the cup. I spun around "Freddie!" I smacked his arm "you scared the hell out of me, luckily I used a plastic cup!".

"I'm sorry" he laughed, cheeky little-"are you going then?" he asked again, I nodded my head in dismay, did I mention I hate dancing? "yes but to be honest I am not looking forward to it, I don't really know anyone and I have two left feet!" I exclaimed

he laughed, "you know Keri and I, I'll let you into a little secret I can't dance either" he winked at me and left. I got my water and went back to Keri.


"Let's make you all pretty for Freddie" she winked, why does everyone wink.

"What!?! There is nothing going on between us I literally just met him I squeaked 

"puh-lease he totally likes you! He was asking so many questions about you on the way home like 'How old is she? Where is she from?, Does she have a boyfriend?" she wiggled her eyebrows mischievously  "he is 23 by the way, your 21, right that is a good age range"

"look, I'm kind of trying to get over someone at the minute, I'm not ready for another relationship yet" this wasn't strictly a lie sure.I missed Louis but I had to get over the fact he loved my sister and none of our 'relationship' was real. She raised an eyebrow as if she almost knew I was lying, she ran out the room and ran back in a few minutes later carrying a bundle of dresses. Oh boy. After 40 minute of being harassed with dresses and make up I was finally ready.






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