Clara Calder [IN EDITING]

'My name is Clara.'


'my name is Clara fullstop.'



12. Chapter 11

Louis Pov (ayyyye)

After my conversation with Clara I started panicking what if she never came back? What if I lost her forever? What if she hates me? Where is she going to go? The possibilities are endless. I ran to Clara & Eleanor's house and knocked hard on the door, hoping she laugh at me for fooling for one of her jokes, a prank that was it, so I could hold her with me again I heard foot steps and prayed it was her, but to my dismay Eleanor opened the door, she was still in her Pyjamas and it is like 5:30! "Lou! I am not ready yet" she moaned, she can be so annoying, wait Louis William Tomlinson you do not speak about your girlfriend like that!

"have you seen Clara today" I didn't even try to keep the sound of hopefulness out of my voice, Eleanor pulled a sour face

"ew no, I don't really care what she does unless it affects my life, she is probably moping about what happened at that meeting, she needs to get over herself!". I pushed past her and sprinted to Clara's room.

It was empty. Her clothes were gone, I then got an idea and picked up her laptop and logged in, her password was Dicaprio typical,  it was stuck to her laptop on a post it note to help her remember. I clicked on the settings button, then I clicked Browser History (yes the button everyone fears) but it had been cleared.

"Clever Clara" I muttered and stalked down the stairs "Louis what was THAT!" El screeched, Light bulb,

"hey El this is really important, can we speak with your parents about Clara, she is missing and maybe they know where she could of gone!" I yelled trying not to sound mean, I don't want to argue with her at the minute.

"Our parents wouldn't help, they really don't like Clara some huge fight from years ago" she examined her nails. Gah why did this have to be so complicated "ok see you later, love you" I kissed her cheek and left.


I needed someone to talk to so I called Harry and we met at some small coffee shop down town, so the fans wouldn't mob us. "Hey Louis what did you need to talk about?" Harry asked as we sat at a table.

"Clara is missing" I blurted out

"what?" Harry asked confused

"management wanted her to have a baby with me because El didn't want one but she was really angry and stormed out , I called her to talk about it and she said she is not coming back" I spilled everything " and I think I might like her" 

" Clara? Are you crazy? I mean she is a nice enough girl but you are dating Eleanor!"

"I know but, but, oh I don't know she's just Clara and I think I like her" I said,annoyed. 

"Think about it, these emotions, they aren't real, you are obviously going to be attracted to her a little bit because you love Eleanor and she reminds you of her" he smiles sympathetically I wanted to scream, no one seemed to understand, no one seemed to care, but I did, I cared about Clara whether I like it or not.



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