Clara Calder [IN EDITING]

'My name is Clara.'


'my name is Clara fullstop.'



11. Chapter 10

Clara's pov (sorry I had to I forgot to mention some things in the last chapter)

"Hey um Keri can we use the toilets first, I am busting" I lied, I noticed I've lied a lot recently. "Sure they are just over there I will wait out here" she gestured toward the toilets. I left my bags with Keri which in retch respect may not have been such a good idea, I just met her, but I guess she is the only friend I have a the minute. I walked inside and luckily it was empty, I fish a small container out of my pursed and opened the packet. In case you are wondering what I was doing, before my phone call with Louis I had bought a pair of coloured contact lenses so I wouldn't have to wear sunglasses the whole time here and Keri hasn't seen my eyes yet so she'll never know.

After putting them in I blinked a few times and stared at my reflection. I looked different, not just because of my new blue eyes, my hair had sprung into its natural state, wavy with a few ringlets in it Eleanor always has to curl her hair but I never had to. I checked my appearance before exiting.

"You took ages!" Keri exclaimed!

"Sorry I was fixing my hair" liar liar pants on fire "anyway let's go" I quickly changed to subject.


"Look there is our ride, one of my friends, Freddie is picking us up and he knows you are coming I texted him while you went to the toilets" Keri nodded at a faded red pick up truck. A tall boy stepped out to greet us, he and Keri embraced and I was just standing there, god I can be so awkward sometimes "so you must be our little intruder" he smirked 

"oh no! I hope I not intruding, Keri offered but if you don't want me to stay then I will find a hotel" I tried to compose myself, hiding my disapointment

"Ha! I was just kidding, your face was hilarious, we have plenty of spare rooms" he laughed, I narrowed my eyes at him

"temper temper" he muttered in an amused voice.

We jumped into the truck and drove down the road. I looked out of the window, noticing how beautiful the scenery is compared to where I come from. I watched the water crash against a pier and children playing together, I must have fallen asleep after all, I was shattered.

"Hey sleeping beauty, we are home" Freddie shook me a bit. Home. Would this finally be the place I could name that.




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