Clara Calder [IN EDITING]

'My name is Clara.'


'my name is Clara fullstop.'



1. Chapter 1



My sister Eleanor screams

"What El I'm busy, I have that exam tomorrow y'know the one that determines what sort of career I could get!" I yell back

"don't be so rude to me and anyway you have a job you get paid to be me, and I mean who wouldn't love that" she shrugs while checking her hair in a pocket mirror.

"I want to actually do something with my life El! I want to be Clara Calder, not let everyone still think I'm you!" I huffed.

She flopped down on the sofa dramatically

"but Clara I'm tired Louis and I were up late last night" Eleanor sighed

"gross, spare me the details!" I cringed and she giggled.

"Fine, I'll go where ever YOU are meant to be what is it this time première, shopping or a meet and greet" I sighed

"look you don't have to be such a bitch it is only a little favour jeez oh and it's a première" she spat.

The nerve of that girl after everything I have done for her

 "You're acting like the bitch" I flounced off.

The thing about my sister is she always gets her way even when we were kids, we look identical but she's the beautiful one! To make things worse, she is dating Louis Tomlinson from One Direction so I am not allowed to go out unless I act as Eleanor all because she signed this contract with Modest Management that states I MUST act as her in public and pretend to date her boyfriend Louis Tomlinson if she is unwell or cannot be bothered to.

"Clara, dress nice or else you'll get more hate off of those crazy bitches, what losers, fantasizing over boys that will never know they exist" she rolled her eyes cruelly.

I ran up the stairs and went into my room,I sigh looking at my MCR t-shirt longing for it's comfort but pick out a dress that looked a bit like something Eleanor would wear.

 I hate this, pretending I'm someone I'm not,makes me feel sick.

I applied a small layer of make up, going with mascara and red lipstick, mostly because I can't do much else.

Beep! It was the horn from the car, I slipped on some flats and shuffled outside.

" hey Elean- "

I cut him off " its Clara" I nodded

"again? God is El angry at me? Is that why she didn't want to come did I do something" he groaned

"no she um was tired from you're ugh late night" I flushed,

awkwardly,he scratched the back of his neck "she told you that"

I laughed "well lets move onto another subject and go to this première". 

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