Once in a Blue Moon

Ally is your average teenager only with a massive bucket list. Will she be able to complete it?


1. Prolouge

My names Ally Sandler, I am 17 years old. I love bucket lists! I have blonde hair and bluey-greeny eyes, I can play the acoustic guitar but I'm tone deaf at singing and a level 6 cheerleader. Want to see my bucket list?


Things for the future


1.Go to London

2.Dance in the rain

3.Kiss a stranger

4.Kiss in the rain

5.Fall in love

6.Go see the London Eye

7. Buy expensive concert tickets and go to the concert with full fan-mode on

8.Become Best Friends with a girl I barely know.

9. Go to Paris

10. Climb the Eiffel Tower

11. Kiss under the Tower

12. Learn how to ballroom dance.

13. Learn how to knit

14.Climb Mount. Everest

15. Meet Someone famous

16. Cook for the homeless

17. Go to a College Party

18. Do a small College degree.

19. Buy a pony

20. Raise a family.


Things for Now:


1.Get Sent to the principals office

2.Get detention

3.Ditch School

4.Sit at the popular table

5.Join a school club

6.Get Drunk at a Party

7.Get a boyfriend

8.Get Candy and Give to Children

9.Become Famous

10.Draw every night for 2 weeks.




That's it so far maybe I'll add more?



Come see the adventures of Ally Sandler though twists and turns.


Coming soon November 7th. x

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