The physically impaired

Lily Powers was only a day old when she lost her left arm. She's now 17 in her last year of high school. She hates it when people treat her better or nicer just because she has a "disability"! What happens when Niall Horan enrolls in her school? Will he treat her like everyone else? Or will they be more than friends?


2. The fight

Lilly's POV:

Finally! Social studies is over. I really hate social studies. I see Niall far away and wait for him to catch up. But before he does another guy approaches me, Harry I think. 

"Hey what's your name?" He asks.

"Lily." I answer.

"Hmm Lily. Hot name for a hot girl." He says putting his lips onto mine. I try to pull away but he has my arm in a lock almost. 

"GET OFF OF HER!" I hear Niall growl. Harry turns around to look at Niall and laughs.

"Who's gonna make me?" He asks getting closer to Niall. Before Harry can say any more Niall pops him in the mouth. And then kicks him in the gut. All the kids are screaming "FIGHT FIGHT FIGHT!". As I'm trying to break them up, which is pretty hard with only one arm.  Just when Im almost down breaking them up Mr.Simon (the principal) comes out. As soon as he comes out Harry pulls off of Niall instantly. 

"Boys! What was this about?!" He asks angrily.

"This jerk was forcing Lily to kiss him!" Niall says angry. Woah that was so sweet! I mean Niall was pretty hot.

"Whatever. She's just a slut with one arm. I don't give a crap about 'er now." Harry says while walking away. "YOUR THE BITCH!" Niall yells after seeing tears run down my tanned skin. 



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