The physically impaired

Lily Powers was only a day old when she lost her left arm. She's now 17 in her last year of high school. She hates it when people treat her better or nicer just because she has a "disability"! What happens when Niall Horan enrolls in her school? Will he treat her like everyone else? Or will they be more than friends?


4. Movie night

Lily's POV: Who of course did I see? Niall. He's scratched his head and looked and confused. "Hey Lily. What are you doing here?" He asked. Before I could say anything Eleanor piped up. "You guys know each other?" She asks. "Yeah. She go's to my school. She's a good friend." He says. "Same to you." I say smiling. Eleanor gives us a wink and Niall turns pink. "Well, I leave you guys to it." Eleanor says while leaving. We decide to watch a The Conjuring. I may play off cool, but I'm really scared of scary movies. I nuzzle my head in Niall's neck. I can't see him but I can basically hear him smiling. I suddenly fall asleep. I have a really scary dream. I was in an alley and someone was running towards me with a knife. I'm trying to run but I can't. Suddenly, I feel someone shaking me. I open my eyes and see Niall shirtless. "Lily! Are you okay?" He asks very worried. "Thanks Niall but, I'm fine." I say reassuringly. Once Niall sees me staring he smirks. "Like what you see?" He asks already knowing the answer. "Yes" I say. Oh shit! Did I really just say that out loud?
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