The physically impaired

Lily Powers was only a day old when she lost her left arm. She's now 17 in her last year of high school. She hates it when people treat her better or nicer just because she has a "disability"! What happens when Niall Horan enrolls in her school? Will he treat her like everyone else? Or will they be more than friends?


3. Meeting Eleanor

Lilly's POV:

Sometimes I just wanna leave. I wanna leave this world. With no one to catch me when I fall. No, I'm not going to commit suicide. But I'm just saying, if a bus was coming towards me, I wouldn't  try to save myself. Harry got suspended for a month. Niall didn't because He was just trying to protect me. It's Saturday now and I'm sitting here on my bed in my sweats. Meaning a sweat shirt and blue sweat pants. Hey, cut me some slack it's Saturday. I decided to take a walk. As i'm walking I bring my headphones playing "Wrecking Ball" by Miley Cyrus. As I head down the street I feel hot liquid all over my sweat shirt.

"O my! I'm so sorry! Are you ok?" A girl around my age asks.

"Im fine, thank you." I say.

"No your not! My coffee is all over your shirt. Let me lend you one of my shirts. Oh and btw I'm Eleanor. You are?" She asks.

"Lily." I reply.

"Oh well Lily. My flat is right here. Let's go inside it's freezing." She says while unlocking the door. Wow. It's nice in here. Just at that moment I realize who she is. Eleanor Calder famous model, Louis Tomlinsons girlfriend. She hands me a nice "Carrot" croptop and hands it to me. I thank her and start to walk out as I see...

A/N! Guess who and you may be featured in this story☺~Lydia


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