The physically impaired

Lily Powers was only a day old when she lost her left arm. She's now 17 in her last year of high school. She hates it when people treat her better or nicer just because she has a "disability"! What happens when Niall Horan enrolls in her school? Will he treat her like everyone else? Or will they be more than friends?


1. Explaining

Lilly's POV: Hi! I'm Lily Powers. A few things about me are 1. I can't swim. 2. I love the Beatles. 3. My dad passed away when I was young. 4.I got to Willard high in Los angelous, California. And 5. I only have my right arm. Nobody really expected this. I was born this way. Everyone treats me special. I hate it! Everyone's fake to me. They seem all nice. But it's just being pitty. I know how everyone really is. They all make it play out like they're so nice because they're nice to me. I know the truth. My own mom even treats me "special". My dad was different. He was the only one who knew the real me. He treated me like the equal I am and I loved him for that. He died when I was only 7 but, I still remember alot of him. Tomorrows the first day of school for me. Yay? Sense the sarcasm? Just another year of fake kids and teachers. They're all nice in school after that they treat me like crap. I do everything every other kid does. I'm gonna be a senior which I am kind-of excited for. Next-Day I finally decided on my outfit. White "YOLO" croptop and my white demim shorts. With my white toms. I take a quick shower, brush my teeth and put the outfit on. I went down stairs said hi to my mom grabbing my vera Bradley and walked down the street towards Willard high.

Niall's POV:

I decided to finish my senior year, since the boys and I are on our break. I picked out just a regular outfit meaning, a white tanktop and blue basketball shorts and to top it off, I wore my Jordan's. I'm already at school early since I'm "new". I just recieved my schedule. 

"Mr.Horan go ask Ms.Powers to show you around." The principal says. 

"Who's she?" I ask. The principal points to the most gorgeous girl I have ever seen. She's sees him and walks over. 

"What is it sir?" She asks. 

"Will you be nice enough to show Mr.Horan around? It's his first day." He says while she nods. 

"Hi I'm Lily." She says with the most beautiful smile I have ever seen. 

"Im N-N-Niall." I finally stammer out. Damn It Niall. She laughs. Her laugh is so cute. It fits her perfectly. I just notice something I didn't before, she only has one arm.



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