Life in the jungle

I lived at home with my unbearable parents. I had had enough. I couldn't stand living with them any more. I am an animal lover. Why didn't they understand that? When I was little i had seen animals in the zoo. It was a bit like a jungle.
I wanted to escape, live life with freedom.


2. Where am I?

Cautiously, I sneaked downstairs. Accidentally I stepped on a creaking stair. I carefully reached out towards the door.

"What are you doing?" Mum asked mysteriously.

"Isn't is obvious I'm escaping!"

"Off you go I don't need ya! All you do is waste my time! Bla bla bla!"

"I will and won't never come back. By the way why don't you be a monster in Dr Who. You'd be great because you like one, smell like one, and behave like on!"

"Well good riddance!

I slammed the door and walked away without looking back. I didn't look back and didn't go back. I could imagine she looked sorry but I would  just ignored her. If I went back in she'd be like "Oh I missed you but get up to your room this instant!" Any way why would I go back. She is horrible. So I carried on with my journey. I started to run.

Soon I reached some sort of forest. But I was going to call it a jungle. It had overlapping leaves attached to powerful trees. Vibrant flowers grew as the sparkling sun shimmered over the petals. Wildlife lived here and I didn't want to harm them. All sorts of wildlife. Bees flew around, crickets hopped, lions roared, insects were themselves, tigers leapt, monkey climbed, giraffes ate and zebras galloped. I started to wonder will they harm me? Hopefully, they wouldn't or it would be a bad ending.

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