Life in the jungle

I lived at home with my unbearable parents. I had had enough. I couldn't stand living with them any more. I am an animal lover. Why didn't they understand that? When I was little i had seen animals in the zoo. It was a bit like a jungle.
I wanted to escape, live life with freedom.


6. The Battle Of Good Or Evil

I swung my sword trying to defeat my opposition. He reacted fast and he ducked. Soon there was a ferocious battle of clattering swords. Neither of us could get a clean shot at each other. I soon gave up and ran away. We decided to attack later, when they were sleeping. 

So when it was dark we returned to the cave. In sight was glamorous armour. I put the protective armour on me. It didn't work at the front of the cave so we tried the back. When we were in there we saw the man in his bed. We decided to...

Destroy his cave! I got out my sword, and was ready for revenge! I started to destroy the cave. Soon his cave was wréckless. Walls had collapsed, furniture was ruined. Suddenly the snoring stopped. He woke up and saw me! What could I do?

Roody's face was greener than ever. Dramatically he took a mask off and there was someone I had forgotten about...


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