Life in the jungle

I lived at home with my unbearable parents. I had had enough. I couldn't stand living with them any more. I am an animal lover. Why didn't they understand that? When I was little i had seen animals in the zoo. It was a bit like a jungle.
I wanted to escape, live life with freedom.


3. Exploring This Place

I started to wonder around to see what was here. At first I checked out the monkeys. Most of them were hanging on trees. I would feel embarrassed if they were smarter than me. Well they did know how to eat, signal, drink. I found it quite impressive to be honest. They were at the start of the so called "jungle." One of my favourite animal's was a tiger so I decided to see them last. 

I thought about seeing the bees. As well as the monkeys I think they're also intelligent. They make honey and to do that they have to co-operate. I couldn't actually get to see them but I got to see their colurful fur. I knew when I saw a bee because of it's fur.

I also like zebras so I wanted to visit them. Even though they were a long way away from me, I definitely wanted to see them. When I was young I never believed that every zebra had a different pattern. Today I wanted to see if that statement was true. When I got there, there were thousands of them so that meant there was a good chance to see if it was true or false. Unbelievably it was true! Zebra's had different patterns on their back. All they did all day was ate grass, slept and galloped. Their astonishing patterns were easily spotted as they moved one place to another. Next, I decided to choose the lions, I promised myself I'd keep a fair distance away from them,

When I got there I saw a male lion opening his blood-cutting jaws. Their paws had claws witch could shred a shirt in two seconds. Suddenly, one got up. Slowly it walked towards me. Frighteningly I walked back. Mistakenly I was with other animals...

When I looked up there was something peering down at me! After a few second I realized it was a giraffe. I never knew they were about 20 times the height of me! I walked away and stared back in wonder! I turned around and was shocked.

Around me was all sorts of insects, crickets, even bees, wasps, spiders, cockroaches, daddy long legs and flys. It smelt like garbage, well I don't blame the cockroaches! I didn't like this one because you might, step on something, walk into something like a spiders web or even get farted on by a cockroach! Carefully I just leapt away trying my best to avoid insects. I finally got out... 

Thinking what they would like, I walked west. In sight was a viscous tiger, who was my favourite animal. I looked at it for one minute and then stepped closer. I really wanted to touch the tiger but I knew they can get rough. I believed in myself...








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