Life in the jungle

I lived at home with my unbearable parents. I had had enough. I couldn't stand living with them any more. I am an animal lover. Why didn't they understand that? When I was little i had seen animals in the zoo. It was a bit like a jungle.
I wanted to escape, live life with freedom.


5. A Quest For A Home

I fed the animals, I gave them attention. But all they and I needed was a home. You may be thinking go back to my Mum and live with the animals there. Do you think she would like me or even the animals? She'd go nuts! And if your thinking go back there your going nuts! Anyway I did say I'd never return.

So on that day I was cold. I was desperate for a home. I mean in the jungle. So I decided to look for one. I searched high and low far and wide, but nothing. I couldn't find a cave not a tree house not a mountain, not even a normal house made of bricks. One day we found a cave! But we didn't know how nasty this owner was...

There was a sign outside the cave saying

"Enter if you dare!" Well if there were animals we had to fight victory would be ours. Nervously we walked inside. We saw a tall and strong man who had a mustache attached to a beard. He had trained animals who could fight. Our animals were in a fighting mood as they growled at their opponents. The man said his name was Roody. He said 

"You crazy people dare to enter this cave, alright wanna face me c'mon then! I am undefeated. At then end of this fight you crazy pogwurzles will be dead. Runaway lil kids. Compare my amazing mussels to yours. Yours are little weaklings! Lol!" I thought his name was Roody because he was so rude. My lion who was called Lenny went and got something. He returned back holding a sword!

He walked to me and I grabbed the sword. Roody realized and got his sword. We were ready to fight!...

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