This is about a mystical creatures known as Feminist.


1. Intro to the beast.

There is creature that lies beneath the radar of the world. These demonic beings feed on weak minded men and destroy the homes of loving families. Famines are created by these female beasts. Blood of the dominated men bleed from their mouths. The fires of hell shine in their razor sharp eyes and rip through the strong virtuous armor of men. The semblance of love is buried deep within the empty parts of their blackened soul.  These vile creatures are known the world over as Feminist!

             Winged demons follow them as their chants echo into the sky. They spew venom and acid from their tongues that eats away at good family values.  They wield heavy sexist signs as if they were battleaxes. They spread color to capture the eye and then enslave the mind with rants of feminist propaganda.

            Many men have lied down and allowed these ogre’s of feminism to devour their Eve’s. If these devil spawn had been allowed to flourish in ancient times they would have claimed that they could have slain their own dragon without the help of a Knight in shining armor. However, in present days they rage against gentlemen for opening doors. These tantrums are responsible for the death of chivalry and the sorely missed absence of love sonnets and poetry. The demon’s scream that men show them no love but it was their rants that have made it so that it is forbidden for a man to protect or even open a door for a woman.

            In the article ‘Confessions of a Young Anti-Feminist’ by Josephine Asher, she says “Woman are becoming more like men and men are becoming less like…men.” Josephine recognized the truth that the feminist demons are out to destroy men. A world without these monsters would be a beautiful place. Men are meant to be the rock in the world. To be strong and stable. However as long as the woman does it the proper balance of the world is destroyed and chaos is unleashed.

            Many people believe that ‘strong woman’ equals ‘feminist’ but they are very much mistaken. Feminist are demanding and life sucking. Strong woman are beautiful angels that should be encouraged and applauded. Feminist should be captured and tested to learn how they brain wash other woman.

            “The current trend is for dads to be more hands on. But for all we know it may be proven in a hundred years time that that may be a negative thing for the upbringing of children,” Is what Charlie Teo had to say about the creatures. He is saying that there are just some roles that woman should not do. It has nothing to do with sexism it is just the way woman was made.

            Depression is rising in men because of their need to feel needed. Feminist have devoured the need of man causing depression. No man likes to feel useless; no one likes to feel useless. Everyone wants a role to play in the world, and if you strip a man from his purpose then what do you think would happen? Men need a woman to love them and to show them compassion. When the woman is at work and becoming stressed and not being able to show the love a man needs than it is only acceptable that men will become weak.

            Most boys with strong feminist mothers are not mature. They are often taught that they are weak and need to have a woman in order to have purpose. “I don’t think that women should surrender their careers all together. But if we allow men to reclaim some power, we women could do more to embrace our femininity.”

“Because women are now ‘equal’ and the battle is over and won, we are now free to embrace things we used to see as sexist, including hypergirlyness.” As said by Susan Douglas. She believes now that feminist have made it possible to get jobs and vote we should start to enjoy it but also go back to being women.

            So if we learn from the mistakes of the hell spawn feminist like Andrea Dworkin who spouted such nonsense as, “Women have been taught that, for us, the earth is flat, and that if we venture out, we will fall off the edge,” we could create a utopia that is held up by masculine and virtuous men who are in turn supported by strong intelligent woman. But, for now we are forced to live within a world plagued by sexist feminist who have let their penis envy run rampant. A world where these dark vile locusts have eaten away at the foundation of proper society where men provide the Eve’s of this world the chance to help us find a new Eden.

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