You Have To Be Cruel To Be Kind

She is just a normal girl trying to fit in. But 5 boys are in her way, she is bullied and starts suicide attempts. But what will happen when one of the boys starts falling for her?

Want to find out? Well I suggest you to read this :D

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4. Leave Me Alone!!


Cassidy P.O.V

I tried to turn around and walking quickly out the hallway doors. But was stopped by a hand grabbing a hold of my shirt and pulling me down. My ass hits the cold hard concrete floor. I hold in a scream. 
"hey fricken leave her alone Louis" I hear Emily scream
"why should I and why do you always come to her rescue?" Louis yells at her
"because she has done nothing to you, and I'm her bestie you fucktard"
"fine I will leave her, but don't worry I will be back to teach her a lesson" he leaves down the hallway. The rest of the boys death glare me and followed Louis. They act like they are lost puppies and Louis is there savior.
"are you ok?" Em asks while helping me up from the ground. Everyone at this point has stopped looking, thank god.
"yeah I'm fine, thanks for standing up for me" I thanked her, I literally don't know what I would do without her. I wrap my arms around her and give her a friendly hug. Emmy and I pulled away from the hug and we both went to our lockers, I opened my locker to find a crumpled piece of paper with black writing all over it. I grab it and try and flatten it more so it was readable. It read 'meet at the Janitors closet at 3:10 sharp. If you don't show I will make you life miserable. P.S come alone' Reading over the letter again. Questions I wanted answered went over and over again in my mind, who could of written this letter? Why do they want to meet up with me? Should I go?
"what's that" Emily asks
"oh just a letter I found in my locker" I say while folding it and placing it in my pencil case
"is it something important?"
"no" I simply reply. Even though Em is my bestest friend in the whole world I still don't want her to be worried about me and the letter.

The day goes by in a blur. 3 o'clock hits and the loud annoying bell goes off and everyone in my Maths class rushes to there feet and flies out of the classroom. The decision of going to the Janitors closet or not ran through my head so many times today. But my decision is to go as I didn't want my life to become more miserable. I walk to my locker and put all my books in my Superman bag and start walking to the Janitors closet. No one was to be seen. I checked my pone it was 3:08. Butterflies started violently fluttering my stomach. I checked my phone again and it was right on 3:10. Gosh 2 minutes go past pretty quickly I waited and then I see a body turn the corner and started walking towards me.  

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