You Have To Be Cruel To Be Kind

She is just a normal girl trying to fit in. But 5 boys are in her way, she is bullied and starts suicide attempts. But what will happen when one of the boys starts falling for her?

Want to find out? Well I suggest you to read this :D

********Off My Quotev Account********


2. Emily Gonzalo




Name: Emily Joyce Gonzalo

Age: 17
Birthday: 17th of February
Nicknames: Em, Emmy, Princess
Likes: music, food, sleep, tanning, playing footy
Dislikes: Bugs, the dark, drugs/smokers
Personality: loving, sweet, caring, slightly bitchy and sarcastic along with being supportive
Family: Mum (Joyce) is a designer. Dad (Ryan) works in a law firm. Brother (Jason, 18) is a student. Sister (Lillian 4) Cousin (Louis Tomlinson) 
Pets: My dog Diggity (shown in picture)
Lives: London
Bestie: Cassidy Stephens 
Friends: Hannah Porter & Zara Hoolahan
Eye Colour: Blue
Hair: Brown (shown in picture)
Clothing style: basically whatever but it’s also slightly classy

 A anchor (on my right ankle)

 a bow (on my ring finger) and 

 birds (on my left wrist)



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