You Have To Be Cruel To Be Kind

She is just a normal girl trying to fit in. But 5 boys are in her way, she is bullied and starts suicide attempts. But what will happen when one of the boys starts falling for her?

Want to find out? Well I suggest you to read this :D

********Off My Quotev Account********


1. Cassidy Stephens

Name: Cassidy Faith Stephens 

Age: 17
Birthday: 25th March 
Nicknames: Cass, Cassie, Faith, Sissy
Likes: beach, superman, tattoos, ankleletes 
Dislikes: bullying, 5 boys named Louis, Harry, Liam, Niall, Zayn
Personality: nice, shy, emotional, friendly  
Family: mum (Hayley) sister (Grace 16) brother (Jesse 19)
Pets: A golden labradour named Casper and a red fighting fish named Bubbles
Lives: London
Bestie: Emily Gonzalo
Friends: Hannah Porter
Eye Colour: Emerald green
Hair: Brown (shown in picture)
Clothing Style: Anything simple but effective

 A Paw print (on my right wrist)

 Roses (on my lower back) and  

a music note (on my left ankle)



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