My love

Emily and her best friend are obsessed with the boy band Direction and would die to meet them, when they come to their hometown for a year will she Emily and Katie finally get their chance to meet their love or will it all go down the drain?


1. This is our tim

Driving down the main we heard One Directions first song, What Makes You Beautiful,

"This is our song, our time" said my best friend Katie

as i turned the volume up as high as it could go, i heard Katie singing

"Your insure, don't know what for, your turning heads when you walk through the door"

i laughed and joined in,

"Don't need make-up, to cover up, being the way that you are is enoughhh" we sang in unison

when we pulled up in my drive way, Katie stopped the car and i laughed

"We rocked it, as usual" i told Emily

we undid our seat belts and hopped out the car

"AGHHHH, o my gee, o my gee" Katie squealed

now by that squeal, you saw 1D or Jaxon just asked you out

"I-i-i just sa-a-aw O-on-n D-d-directi-i-ion-ns-s-s  t-t-t-ruc-c-ck" she stuttered

"No you didnt, come on lets go inside"

"But i did, i really really did" 

"ookay then, you saw one directions truck" i saw sarcastically

we walked into my room and sat in my bean bag, i kicked my bag out of my sight, so i wouldn/t regret doing my maths homework for tonight

"Oh My God, One direction is in Townsview" i yelled

"See, i told you" Emily yelled back

"AND THEY ARE COMING TO OUR SCHOOL" i yelled even louder

Katie and me jumped up off the bean bag and started jumping

" YAY YAY YAY YAY YAY" we chanted

we laid back over the bed and grabbed the laptop again to find out more goss

"Ok, One Direction is going to Townswiew on the 16/3/2013, be prepared for the time of your life" i read out loud

"I cant believe it, One directions biggest fans didnt know they were coming, TO THEIR OWN TOWN" I said sadly

Katie pat me on the back and got up, 
"I'll see you tomorrow, at 7" she questioned

"Ok, ill be out the front"

i laid back on the bed and continued reading

"yeah yeah yeah" 

i grabbed my bag and got my water bottle out, took a sip then read again

"One Direction member, Harry Styles recently broke off his relationship with his girlfriend, Jackie"

i spat my water and dived across the end of the bed to grab my phone

"C'mon pick up Kate" i said urgently

"Yello" Katie said

"I have the biggest and best news, Harry broke up with Jackie, and hes going to our school, do you think i might get him?" i asked

"Um, hi to you to" she said

"And YES your prefect for each other and hes single now so i dont see why not" she answered back

"Oh kate, i love you, thanks"

Katie laughed and hung up



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