My love

Emily and her best friend are obsessed with the boy band Direction and would die to meet them, when they come to their hometown for a year will she Emily and Katie finally get their chance to meet their love or will it all go down the drain?


2. Meeting One Direction

Katie and me walked in side-by-side, we had the biggest grin on our faces suddenly the P.A chimed in "One Direction will be here at 10 o'clock, and will be in class 12A" me and Katie looked at each other and squealed really low, "Thats our class" Katie said "I know" i said back as we walked Katie saw her highschool crush and blushed really hard "Kate, your blushing" i told her "oh noo not again" she said embarrased i looked at jaxon and he waved to me ''thats weird, he never waves to me'' i thought to myself Ri-i-i-i-i--i-i-i-i-i-n-n-n-n-n-n-n-n-g-g-g-g-g-g-g-g--g the bell went, me and emily turned into our classroom we walked to the third row and sat right in the middle, by the time everyone came in there were 15 seats left, but none were together "They have to be split up, poor things" i whispered to emily "Well theres 1 next to you, maybe Harry will sit there" she teased i blushed and said back "DONT tease me Kate" as Miss Bells started the roll, i heard the door open "Um Miss Bells" i warned her i looked at Katie and saw her eyes light up, i looked at the door and saw the beautiful green eyes and bouncing curls of my one true love "WOW" i said aloud Harry caught my eyes and started heading my way, then "Hi Harry, come sit here" i turned around and saw Alexis, the most popular girl in the school put her hand up and guided Harry her way, he walked past me and purposely brushed his hand against mine i looked at Katie again and she nodded her head "Take your seats please boys!" said Miss Bells Niall looked at me and smiled, he sat down next to me and leaned over "May i borrow a pencil" his gorgeous Irish accent said to me "s-s-sure" i said i leaned down to my bag and bumped head with him, "Sorry" i giggled i sat up and put my pencil case on my table and unzipped the first pocket "Here you go" i said sweetly "thanks hon" he said back i blushed hard and put my head on my desk "Emily" Miss Bells said Here" i said back "well hi, Katie" Niall said to me "Hey, im Katie James" "Hi im Niall Horon, my middle name is James, dontcha know" he said i laughed and said back "i know silly" the bell rang again and everyone got up, Harry got up and gave me his hand "Hi Katie, nice to meet you" he said i stood there and smiled "Hi Harry, nice to meet you too" "Um, i have... music next, do you know where that is" he asked "I have music to, just follow me" i said back he smiled and followed me we walked into music and everyone looked at us "your late, Again, miss James" she said angrily "yea sorry, i was showing Harry around, hes new you know" i said "Oh yes, Harry styles" she said snobishly i looked at Harry and told him to follow me, we took the last to seats in the back corner everyone looked at me and snarled, i just looked at Harry and started talking
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