Obsession (A Liam Payne fanfiction)

Nikki just moved to NYC with her mom. On her first day of school, she falls in love with her science teacher and can't stay away from him. Of course, he's much older than her, so they can't be together. But will there love break through in the end, or will they get caught in the act? Read to find out!


3. To get what you want...

BEEP BEEP BEEP!! I slowly crept out of my bed. Day 2 of school. Yay. I walked up to my closet. I mostly had jogging pants and loose shirts. I've never really cared about how I look before.

"Nikki come eat breakfast! I'm getting any younger waiting for you!" I could smell my mom cooking breakfast from downstairs.

I quickly grabbed my only dress and put it on. For some reason I feel like I should dress up today. It's not that I want people or someone to notice me. I just think its best to care more.


"So you dressed up today? Hmm thats interesting...." Elle gave me a smirk as we rode the subway.

" I JUST WANT TO WEAR A DRESS!!" I was starting to panic. Would everyone think that? That I was trying to impress somebody? That's crazy. I need to calm down.

Again, my first two periods were miserable. In the transition from 1st to 2nd, I shut my hair in my locker. Then I went to the bathroom and slipped on pee.... In my dress. I groaned as I walked into science.

"Nikki can I talk to you?" Mr. Payne's face looked like a mixture of frustration and confusion.

"Um yeah, I guess."

He sighed. "Have you noticed some strange behavior going on?"

"With who?" My heart was beating a million times a second.

"Well...Um...Everyone? I feel very uncomfortable teaching a class filled with teenage girls trying to get my attention. I'm talking to you about because you seem like the only one who isn't strange like that. Don't you think it's odd too?"

I just stared at him blankly. So he didn't think I was obsessed. Thank god. "Yeah it's totally odd. Maybe just um...ignore them and don't dress like um well, a youngster I guess?"

He furrowed his eyebrows with confusion, and went to his desk. My dress was ruined, my eyeliner (which I never wear) was coming off, and I felt uncomfortable. My teacher just asked me about teenage girls who have a crush on him. Why me?

"Focus dimrod. Why don't you stop daydreaming about Mr. Payne, and do your work? Why did he want to talk to you anyway? Total waste of time." Kenzie laughed as she continued filing her nails. "It's like talking to a piece of toilet paper. No personality."

I got so mad I could barely hold it in. "SHUT UP KENZIE!!! Why do you have to try to ruin my life? Oh and by the way, Mr. Payne was talking to me about YOU. He said the slutty girls who always stare at him are making him uncomfortable!" I realized I was standing up. Everyone was staring at me. Without thinking, I started to run out of the classroom, only to be stopped by Mr. Payne. He grabbed my arm and gave me a surprising grin. I made a face, but fought his grip and kept running. What just happened? What was the grin for? Before I even had time to start crying, Elle caught up to me.

"Are you ok? Kenzie is crying right now. Man you really told her!! Where did that come from?"

"I have no idea. I feel like I embarrased Mr. Payne. I think he hates me now... Or maybe he wanted me to do that. He grinned at me as I ran out the classroom. My heads spinning. Do you by any chance have any ibuprofen with you?"

" Um no. Maybe you should go home."

" I am. I know I can't show my face in that class ever again."

"Listen. One, you have no choice but to come back to school tomorrow. Two, it wasn't that bad. You're just embarrased because Mr. Payne heard you." Her face looked sincere.

"You're right. I'm still going home though."

The subway ride home was lonely. Usually me and Elle will talk trash about Kenzie. This time, I was just holding in my tears. I'm done chasing him. It's only been 2 days, yet it feels like it's been forever. Besides, I noticed some hot guy checking me out in the hall today. Maybe I'll give that a shot.


"How was your day honey?" This was the first time my mom has ever talked to me after school. It was like seeing a dog walk on its hind legs.

"Fine mom. I'm gonna take the laundry down."

I shoved the whites in one machine, and the rest in another. As I watched the clothes go around and around, I started to feel dizzy. Next thing I knew, I was in the hospital.

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