Obsession (A Liam Payne fanfiction)

Nikki just moved to NYC with her mom. On her first day of school, she falls in love with her science teacher and can't stay away from him. Of course, he's much older than her, so they can't be together. But will there love break through in the end, or will they get caught in the act? Read to find out!


19. Ready

"Nikki!" I heard rocks being thrown at my window. I threw my head up, hoping to see Liam. Nope. Just Kenzie.

"What Kenzie?" She waved her hand toward her. I walked to my window. She smiled and pressed her nose against the glass.

"Pretend to be sick today. Meet me at Starbucks once your parents leave for work." I nodded. I lied back down and spit on my hands. Hey, if it works for Ferris Bueller, it must be useful. My mom walked in just as Kenzie left.

"Nikki! You look terrible! Probably just morning sickness. It will wear off though. Get dressed."

"But- Mom! It doesn't feel like that! It feels like... um... regular sickness! Please."

She nodded and rolled her eyes. "Fine. This is your last time though. I'm gonna go get ready for work." She walked out of my room, and I heard her door shut. Now I have to get ready. I put on some jogging pants, which are the only things that fit me, and my tennis team shirt. I haven't even asked my mom for maternity clothes. I'm afraid she'll say no. I need them though. There's nothing else I can fit in anymore. I walked in the kitchen and put a poptart in my bag. Sorry but Starbucks has really expensive food. I'll buy a coffee but that's it. By the time I got to the subway, I had thought about going back 8 times. But lucky for me, Kenzie was waiting for me right by Starbucks. In the freezing cold.

"He-Hey Nik!! Do you wanna go inside?" She was shivering. "Please?"

"Yeah Kenzie." I laughed. We sat all the way in the back corner. "This is.... Nice. So what did you call me here for?"

"Okay here's the thing.... Me and Zayn have been talking. And we know that Liam broke up with you in a way, but we think you should go visit Liam again. Just to...."

"Just to what?"

"....To get him ready. Zayn wants to bail him out."

"What!? Can Zayn even afford that?"

"No-No he can't. But Sydni's getting a job until they can get their money back."

"Okay fine. I'll go talk to him. Let's go."

Kenzie walked me outside, but then went to the subway. Now it's just me. I'm going to talk to Liam all by myself. I walked all the way to the prison. Once I got there, I had to get a pass just like last time. It was the same drill. I was brought into a small room, and there was a glass window seperating me and Liam. He was the first to talk this time.

"Why are you here? I thought you hated me."

"Liam why would I hate you? I love you. I always will. No matter what. I came here today so I can.... So I can... Get you ready." He raised his eyebrows. "Zayn wants to bail you out."

"What?! No he can't! He can't afford it!!"

"It's fine Liam. It's covered." I put my forehead against the glass, as did he. This was the closest we've been in a few months. "Trust me."

He smiled. "Well you better get going. I'll see you later." I laughed and stood up to go. "Nikki.. I love you."

"I love you too." I walked to the subway and called Kenzie. "He said he's ready."

"Oh Nikki I'm so happy for you!! Zayn said he'll finalize the bail tomorrow. I have to go but I'll see you tomorrow. Bye!"

"Bye Kenzie!" I hung up. Once I got home, I tried to wipe the huge smile off my face. My parents can't know about Liam. They'll find a way to get him back in there. I casually walked in my room, ignoring my parents on the way. I grabbed my journal and a pen. I haven't written in a really long time, so I have a lot to do. I wrote for about 10 minutes before my mom came in.

"Hey Nikki. Are you feeling better. I shoved my journal under my pillow. "What are you hiding there?"

I quickly answered. "Yep. I just ran to the grocery store to get some.. Poptarts. What's what? My pillow? Oh, nothing... Mom! I wanted to ask you if I could have your old maternity clothes. I know you don't want to give them to me since your not very happy I'm pregnant, but I need them. I can't fit in any of my other clothes."

She sighed. "Fine. But if you don't like them, or they don't meet your standards, you can buy your own."

"Thanks mom." I followed her into her closet. She had a small brown box labeled 'MATERNITY'. Just by glancing at the clothes you could tell I was born in the 90's. "Mom.... You really want me to wear these to school?"

"I told you. If you don't like them, BUY YOUR OWN. You have a job don't you?"

"Um... Yeah!! Yep. I work at the Starbucks by School."

"Great. I'll go shopping with you this weekend."

Crap. I don't have a job!! Sadly I would be stuck with these ugly clothes until Saturday even if I did have one. I grabbed the box and went back into my room. Cailie was sitting on my bed reading my journal. I dropped the box and ran over to her. "Cailie!!! What's wrong with you this is MY stuff!! Get out!!"

"MOOOOMMMM!!! NIKKI'S BEING MEAN TO ME!!" Cailie screamed thtough the house and ran out. Sometimes I wish I was an only child. Take that back. Most of the time. I started hanging up my huge clothes. They all had tags that said '3 months, 5 months, etc.' I was about 2 and a half months in, so I put those in the front. I usually pick out my clothes for school the night before. But I was having a lot of trouble with that tonight. I had to choose between super stretchy jeans and a floral top, or a lime green dress with paint splatters on it. I went with the jeans and top. Sure, it's not the cutest thing on Earth, but it's better than paint splatters. I went right to sleep after that. I was looking forward to waking up and finally seeing Liam again.

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