Obsession (A Liam Payne fanfiction)

Nikki just moved to NYC with her mom. On her first day of school, she falls in love with her science teacher and can't stay away from him. Of course, he's much older than her, so they can't be together. But will there love break through in the end, or will they get caught in the act? Read to find out!


12. Over again

"Why have you been acting so differently today? You haven't eaten lunch. Or even spoke to Harry!" Elle pulled my shoulder so I was facing her. "Nikki speak to me!!"

"Nothing's wrong. I'm fine." I put on a fake smile. I'm a terrible liar. I know that she knows something's up. By the time the day ended, she had asked every one of my friends if they knew what was wrong with me. Obviously they all said no. I only told Harry and Liam. Harry wants to tell, but he knows I will eat him alive if he does. Liam would never tell. He's just not that kind of person. I know he isn't. Right after school, I called my mom and told her I was going to the library to study with Elle. I really have a doctor's appointment, but if I tell her that she'll wonder why I have to go two days in a row. I was sweating and shaking the entire way to the doctor's office. I kept feeling stomach to see if I was getting fatter. It sure felt like it. As I walked into the doctor's office I started feeling dizzy. I would've blacked out if it wasn't for some old lady that grabbed me before I fell. I told her thanks and continued on.

She stopped me before I could walk in the office. "You're pregnant aren't you?" I raised my eyebrows. This lady is really creeping me out. Was it that obvious? Was I gaining weight that fast? I laughed like I had no idea what she was talking about.

The doctor saved the awkward silence. "Nikki! How are you doing? Have you been eating well? I hope you talked to your suspecting men! Did you sleep well last night? How was your day at school? Have you started gaining weight?"

"I'm doing well. I've only had breakfast today. I'm not sure what I can or can't eat. I talked to my 'suspecting men' and they both want to keep it if it's theirs...oh and yes I slept well. A few random wake ups now and then though. My day at school was good. Everyone knows there's something wrong with me, but no one knows what. And you tell me if I started gaining weight."

He gave me a surprised look. "Well let's get started!" He walked into a small room with many lights. "This is brand new technology. We can now do a maternity test while the baby is still inside of you! Just simply just cut inside of you, collect some DNA from your tiny tiny baby, and see who's it is!"

He gave me some pills to knock me out. I was asleep before I knew it.


 Out of nowhere, Liam grabbed my hand and brought me into his classroom. "Liam where are we going?" He kept running, and running, and running until we crashed through a wall. He stopped in his tracks and bent down on one knee. I had dry wall in my hair, and so did he. He smiled. "Marry me?" I nodded and he put a HUGE ring on my finger. We both started crying, and he gave me a soulful kiss. I've never been happier....


"Nikki? Nikki!? Wake up! The procedure is done!! You kept screaming the name Liam. Do you by any chance mean Liam Payne?" He pointed to the computer screen. There was a chart on it with graphs and pictures of cells. In the very bottom right corner, it said 'LIAM PAYNE'. "That's your baby's daddy!" The doctor laughed at his joke. "Oh and it appears you've been pregnant for about a month now!"

"Thank you.....Thank you so much." He nodded and helped me off the procedure table. On my way out he gave me a list of things I shouldn't eat, and a list of things I should.

"Good luck, Nikki. See you in 2 and a half months for your first sonogram!" I walked out the door and called Liam and Harry. They both wanted to know at the same time. While it was ringing, I couldn't help but smile. I really wanted the baby to be Liam's. Don't get me wrong though. I would rather not have any baby at all. But now that I'm stuck with it, I'm glad it's his. I heard the phone pick up and took a deep breath.

"Alright. I got the results...."

"And?!" Harry screamed through the phone like he was being murdered.

"And it's Liam's. And I've been pregnant for about a month. Which could only make it Liam's anyway." Harry hung up. I could hear Liam start to cry.

"We're gonna have a baby? I'm sorry I did this to you.... you know... made you 16 and pregnant, but I think it's gonna turn out nice." There was an awkward silence. "Nikki.... I think we need to try again. We were so good together! And now look! This has to be a sign!"

"I thought the same thing.... But now that's just one more thing to hide from my parents. Me being pregnant, AND the man who made me pregnant." He hung up. Wonder what that was for. It must've been a bad connection or something. I rode the subway home extremely happy. I was gonna have Liam back to me. I knew we would come back together. We're perfect for each other. We both know that.

"Hey mom I'm home!!" I slammed the door shut and gave her a huge hug.

"What are you so excited about?" She stopped cutting her carrots and turned around to me.

"Nothing. I just realized that you will always love me." She nodded. "No matter WHAT right?" She slowly nodded.

"I think.... what exactly are you talking about?" I bit my nails. I walked away, acting like nothing happened. When I got in my room I started writing in my new journal. I could end up being famous like Anne Frank for this journal.... except I hopefully won't die. If I write about all of my troubles and problems of being a teen thats pregnant, I could make a million bucks! How should I start a journal like this though? Welcome to the diary.... No..... Hi.... No... I heard a knock at the door. My mom got to it before I could.

"I told you to never step foot on my property again. Leave now." I ran out the room to see my mom pushing Liam out the door. He wouldn't let her.

"No! I'm in love with your daughter. I mean it. I've never felt this way about anybody. I want to spend the rest of my life with her. I mean that too." I ran out from my room and gave him a huge hug. I held on while he argued with my mom.

"I don't care. Get out of my house. You are 11 years older than her it's illegal!" She started screaming.

"But ma'am! You don't understand! When the baby's born-" I smacked him in the stomach and he covered his mouth. I tried to run off but my mom caught me.

"Are you serious? You know what? I'm not supporting you in this at all! Move out of my house tomorrow morning and I expect you to pay for your baby too! What you're doing here is ILLEGAL. I could turn both of you in right now if I wanted to. But that's the only thing I'm doing for you. Not turning you in." She looked at Liam with anger. "Start packing now Nikki!" I started crying and grabbed all my clothes. I shoved almost everything I have into a suitcase and walked out with Liam. We held hands all the way to his apartment. When we got there, we both sat on the couch.

Liam looked at me. "So I guess were back at the start."

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