Obsession (A Liam Payne fanfiction)

Nikki just moved to NYC with her mom. On her first day of school, she falls in love with her science teacher and can't stay away from him. Of course, he's much older than her, so they can't be together. But will there love break through in the end, or will they get caught in the act? Read to find out!


17. Not the same


It's been about a week since they took me away. Everyday has been exactly the same. I wake up, don't get breakfast, run around the caged in building a few times, eat "lunch" (beans in a can), play some boardgames, skip dinner, and go to sleep. I feel worthless. Like there's no point of living. Nikki was my everything, and now all because of me she's gone. I didn't deserve someone like her. She's beautiful, sweet, funny, and so much more. I just wish I could go back.

"Psst! Hey! Liam! You want one?"

"No Paul, I'm good. I don't smoke."

"Come on! You're gonna be here 15 years you might as well try it."

"Ok.." I grabbed the cigarette out of my jailmate's hand. "Ew! Is this even legal?"

"Is anything these days? HA HA!" Paul rubbed his stomach in laughter.

I handed him the unidentified stick thing. I'm not gonna spend the next 15 years of my life high. No matter how bad it may seem.



"Zayn... Why do we need to talk?"

"It's Liam. He's going insane. I visted him at his prison a few days ago, and all he kept saying was 'it's my fault.' Anything I asked him, that's what he would answer. He misses you more than anything. You need to go visit him. He needs to see you. Just once."

"I-I can't. I know I won't be able to leave him when it's over. I just want to see his face. But I don't want to upset him. Eventually, I'll have to leave from the visit. And it will be like leaving him all over again."

"Please Nikki. You could save his life."

I sighed. "Fine. But I need a ride. Kenzie?"

She nodded. Me and Kenzie waved goodbye to Zayn and walked out the store. It started raining when we were halfway there. "Nikki? Are you ready for this? He might've changed a lot, so be prepared."

"I know. I think I'm ready. I can do this. I know I can." We drove up to the prison and had to go to the back to park. They asked to see Kenzie's driver license, and then checked her license plate number. These people are a little crazy. When we got inside, Kenzie sat in the lobby. She told me I could handle it myself. I had to wear a pass to get into the room. I sat behind a piece of glass and waited for Liam to come in.

I heard a buzz and a big metal door opened from the other side of the glass. Liam came out, staring at the floor. His hair was much longer. I guess they don't have scissors in jail. We sat in silence. "Liam?"

His head flew up almost instantly. "Nikki? I thought I'd never see you again!" He tried to stand up, but the cops from behind him sat him back down

"I'm here Liam. How have things been going?"

"Terrible. I miss you so much. I'm so so sorry I did this. It's all my fault."

There it was. The my fault. "No Liam. It wasn't your fault. It was both of our faults. When you get out-"

"I'm not even looking forward to getting out Nikki. When I get out, you'll be almost 32. Most likely you'll be married with more children. You'll forget all about me."

"I'll wait for you. I love you Liam. I do. And I want to spend the rest of my life with you. As soon as you're out, we'll be right back to normal."

"No we won't. I love you too, but there's no way you can wait that long without falling in love with someone else. I won't even be here when our child is born. I don't think we can do this. It's just not gonna work. I want to... I really do! But it's just not possible. I'm sorry."

"Is it trust? Do you just not trust me to wait for you? I will I promise!"

"I do trust you! I just don't trust myself. I know I'm not gonna be the same when I get out, and I don't want that to be taken out on you."

"Okay." I got up and started heading out the room.

"I love you Nikki!" I kept walking. I walked past Kenzie and waited in the parking lot.

"Nikki what happened?" Kenzie started her car once we were in.

"He doesn't want to be with me. He said he loves me but he doesn't think we're gonna feel the same way when he gets out."

"I'm calling Zayn. I'll get him to come see Liam and talk some sense into him."

"No Kenzie!" I smacked the phone out of her hand. She looked scared like I shot her. "I'm sorry. Let's just get out of here.

"You know what?" She laughed. "Let's go to a party. Louis is having one tonight."

"Louis? No I'll pass. He's a jerk."

"Come on!" She put her car in drive and we were off. By the time we got to the party, almost everyone was there. There were strobe lights, solo cups everywhere, and of course girls passed out everywhere. "Aren't you glad you came Nikki?"

I nodded.

"Hey hot stuff!"

"Hi Louis."

"Can I buy you a drink?"

"Why not?"

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