Obsession (A Liam Payne fanfiction)

Nikki just moved to NYC with her mom. On her first day of school, she falls in love with her science teacher and can't stay away from him. Of course, he's much older than her, so they can't be together. But will there love break through in the end, or will they get caught in the act? Read to find out!


9. A bump in the rode

"Good morning!" Liam had my one outift and a plate with bacon and eggs next to me. "Come on its 7:00 you're gonna be late for school!" I rolled my eyes and laughed. He had to be joking. I gave him a sarcastic look, but his face remained serious. He stood there waiting for me to get up. I quickly sat up and ate my breakfast. He just stared at me impatiently. "Well?" He tapped his foot. "Get dressed you're going to be late!"

I laid back down. "No. I don't have to go to school anymore. You're not my dad." I was putting my foot down on this one. He thinks he can tell me what to do since he's an adult. Well I think he forget that he's also my boyfriend.

He sat next to me. "I know I'm not your dad. But we need jobs. And you will have a way better chance of getting one if you to go to school. They want somebody with an education."

"So, you're saying if I didn't go to school, there would be no possible way of me getting a job?" He shook his head quickly. He continued shaking his head as he walked out the room.

I got dressed and rode the subway to school. Liam rode with me since he's job hunting today. He put his hand on my thigh and held on the entire ride. I can tell when he's nervous, and this is definitely one of those times.

When I got off he kissed me goodbye. "Good luck." He winked.

I smiled back at him. "Back at you." As normal, everyone was staring at us. I waved goodbye to him and walked in the school. Elle was almost chasing Harry down the hallway.

"But do you think maybe one day we could date? I'll wait for you!!" She was gripping on his clothes. As they walked by me, Harry made straight eye contact with me and raised his eyebrows. I feel bad for him now. I think he knows I told Elle that he's into her.

I grabbed Elle before she somehow made the situation worse. "Hey are you Okay Elle? You seem a little.... touchy today. Maybe you should let Harry ask you out when he feels comfortable."

She started clapping her hands. "He's gonna ask me out? OMG Nikki you're the best friend ever!!! I love you so so so so so much!!!" She was squeezing me before I could even answer. "Oh there's the bell! I'll see you in science BFF!!"

What have I done? Now she's never gonna leave Harry alone.

Almost all of 1st period, nothing happened. We were all waiting for our teacher to show up. Finally we got a sub. It was a really nerdy man with a bow tie.

"Um hello. My name is Mr. Horan. You may call me Niall if you have an average of 95 or more in this class. I will only be here today and maybe tomorrow, so please give me your full respect." All of the boys in the back of the room were dying laughing. Mr. Horan swiped off his glasses and stared at all of them, revealing a handsome face. "Is there a problem with you boys?" They all shook their heads while still laughing uncontrollably.

"HEY!" A loud voice echoed from the doorway. A boy with dark hair, and huge arms came storming in the room. "Is this my new class?" He walked up very close to Mr. Horan. I could see that Mr. Horan started sweating as this kid got closer to him.

"You can sit wherever you like, Louis. Please be welcoming." Louis crossed over to the seat straight behind me. Before he sat, he started laughing.

"I'm joking!!! Hahaha!!! You all need to get a sense of humor!!! It's nice to meet you all. I hope I didn't frighten you with my muscles!" He continued laughing. No one else was. What kind of new kid walks in a classroom and gets in the teacher's face as joke?

Mr. Horan grabbed a hankercheif from his pocket, removing the sweat from his forehead. "Well I guess we can get started now. Please turn to page 452 in your American History books."

I felt a soft tap on my shoulder as I reached for my book. "Hey love can I borrow a pencil?" Louis  winked as I handed him one. All throughout that class I couldn't help but wonder. Where did this dude come from? How is he so sweet? Is he a figure of my imagination? Well I know that last one isn't true. He was covering my eyes and playing with my hair all throughout class. He finally got the nerve to start touching my neck and back. It was a little wierd at first, but then got very relaxing. Unfortunatley, I fell asleep during the test because of Louis' touch.


"Nikki I need you to wake up and continue on to your next class please." Mr. Horan was staring at my puddle of drool on my desk. I jumped up to find everyone in the hallway laughing at me.

"Elle what's everybody laughing at me for? I fell asleep in history, and now it's like everyone hates me or something. I had 5 people call me desperate, and 3 called me a player. What's going on?!"

"Ok. Don't freak out. This new kid Louis took a video of you sleeping. In it, he ran up and kissed you and felt you up. Everyone saw it. Even the prinicpal."

I didn't even know what to say. I don't know what happened, but the next thing I knew, my fist was going right into Louis' face.

"What the hell was that for?!!?" He screamed at me from the ground.

"What do you mean what was that for? You completely humiliated me!! I never want to see you or speak to you again!" I stormed off leaving all his friends 'Oohing' behind me. He came running after me, trying to apologize. I just ignored him. The last thing I need is someone chasing after me.

When I first got into 3rd period, Harry ran up to me. "Heyyy babe. I heard you punched some D bag in the face today? Very good. Very good. So I take that as you're taken right?" He had his arm around me. I gently removed it without being too rude.

"Yes I'm taken. Sorry. Elle's available though!" I headed back to my seat. Harry kept staring at me. And staring. He wouldn't stop. "What do you want Harry?"

"To hear you say my name. Check! Now that I think of it, aren't you the one who's dating Mr. Payne? I knew from your first day here that he had a thing for you. Let's just hope he didn't see that video of you and Louis though! Some kid sent it to every single teacher's email they could find! Is his LiamP@yahoo?"

I nodded. What's gonna happen if Liam gets the email? There's a small chance he might kick me out. He gets extremely jealous.

On my way back to the apartment, I was freaking out the entire time. I knew this was gonna cause a lot of drama. As I walked up to the building, Liam came pushing through the doors after me.

"Nikki! I got a job!!" He picked me up and spun me. "It's at Barnes and Noble. It's full time, so I won't be home as much. At least it's a job though!" He continued smiling even though I wasn't.

"Did you see it yet?" I crossed my fingers behind my back, hoping he'd say no. He shook his head no. Of course, that made him wonder. He opened his phone, to find a text message. He looked up at me, looking hurt.

"That's strange. Is there something you want to tell me? Maybe something about a video? It's loading so you might as well tell me now."

I looked down at the ground. "I had nothing to do with it." He started playing the video. His face looked like he got shot. By the time it was over, he was almost crying.

"So you let someone massage you until you fall asleep. Then he makes out with you while you're asleep. But no, it's totally not your fault!!" He raised his voice. "Just because I'm not with you 24/7 anymore doesn't mean that you can do stuff like that!!" He ran inside and locked himself in the bathroom. I ran after him, but he just ignored me.

"Liam. Is there anything I can do to make you forgive me? I already apologized. I can't control what happens in my sleep. But it was my fault to let him massage me and play with my hair. I'm sorry. What else can I do?"

I stood in silence for a minute, waiting for an answer. Finally I got one. "Leave."


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