Always Be There

Lillian Winters is your basic party girl. She loves drinking, having a good time, and being the center of attention when it comes to guys. Harry Styles is a quiet guy who cares about Lillian a lot. When Lillian is attacked at a party, her whole life goes down the drain. Is Harry the only one who can save her?


1. Party Girl

Lillian's P.O.V.


It was like I was spinning in a chair really fast. The more I drank, the faster my world went. It was all sharp and clear at first until Cassandra put a red cup in my hand and then Daniel wrapped his arm around my waist. From there, everything went down hill. I know I promised Harry I would only drink one but I couldn't help myself as soon as the liquid hit my lips. Beer was nasty but win coolers were amazing. The second I found them in the basement, I knew it was over. I put Harry's contact info up on my phone so I could call him when it got bad just in case. I knew Cassandra wouldn't be able to drive me home and it wasn't like I would go home with a stranger... Again. Learned my lesson the first time.


I lost track of how many drinks I had that night. I knew it was a lot though because I could barely walk and it was harder than hell to talk. I pulled out my phone in my drunken state and called the number. Harry picked up by the first ring and was on his way. It wasn't fast enough though. The guys at the party were smart. They only got buzzed as they watched girls like me, the "party girls" get hammered. Once we got to a stage, they would pounce. A boy that I have never seen in my life wrapped his skinny, little arms around my waste.


"Hey there." He whispered in my ear.


I looked at him and giggled. I wrapped my arms around his neck and slurred, "Someone is coming to get me."


He looked at his friends, smiled, then looked at me. "You are right. That's me. We should probably go somewhere more quiet."


I nodded then let a whoop out. The crowed did it back then the boy limped me up the stairs. We went to the end of the hallway to a closed door. He smiled at me then opened it up. It was a nice room from what I could remember. It had light grey walls which was nice and calming. There was a desk, a book shelve, and a big king sized be.


The boy set me down on the bed and started taking his shirt off.


"What are you doing?" I asked. I tried standing up but I was so drunk, I fell back into the bed.


He laughed, "This is going to be fun!"


I must have blacked out because the next thing I knew, I was in the back seat of Harry's jeep. The radio was on but it wasn't too loud. I sat up in the seat and looked at Harry. His deep brown curls were wet, he wore a tight tee shirt and sweats, and his knuckles were bloody.


"Harry," I whispered. "What did you do?"


He looked at me for a second then went back to focusing on the road, "You promised me. You promised one drink, Lil. I did what I had to. Do you want to be known as the party girl forever?"


It was the conversation we had every time he picked me up and every time I promised I would change. I would go at least two weeks without partying or maybe more but then the feeling would stink in on how long I haven't had a drink or how long its been since I hooked up so I start going back. Even though I don't want to be known as the party girl forever..

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