Always Be There

Lillian Winters is your basic party girl. She loves drinking, having a good time, and being the center of attention when it comes to guys. Harry Styles is a quiet guy who cares about Lillian a lot. When Lillian is attacked at a party, her whole life goes down the drain. Is Harry the only one who can save her?


2. Morning

Lillian's P.O.V.


My head was pounding as I slipped out of my bed. It was a queen sized shoved into a small room. I liked bigger beds and not because of guys or anything, it was just easier to share when Harry spent the night. My dad was a dead beat and was off somewhere in France with a Germane women and their daughter, my half sister, who went to school in Paris. He sent me letters and shit every month. I trashed everything. He would tell me about how it was his goal to be a better father to Maggie or Mandy or whatever the hell the kids name was. He wasn't there for me so I didn't give two shits about his kid. 


Then there was my lovely mother. I basically grew up taking care of myself while she had her "friends" over to drink and smoke pot. She was out every weekend like this weekend and I was left alone. I was sixteen but I still hated being alone in this neighborhood. It wasn't the kind of place you wanted to raise a family. So Harry would crash here for the weekend and the nights my mom was out.


We would curl up in my bed and watch movies on his iPhone or he would hold my hair while I threw up whatever I drank that night. I guess you could say I was following in my mothers footsteps. It wasn't always like this but drinking made the pain go away. That's all I wanted. Not to feel pain.


I walked down the narrow stairs and came into the living room. I could smell bacon and orange juice. There were some days I really loved having Harry around.


"Morning." I groaned.


He nodded at me, "Surprised to see you up before one." His light British accent came out. He moved here from the UK about four years ago. I don't know what I would do without him. He was my only friend who was a tad annoying about the party thing.


"Oh shh Harry." I mumbled grabbing a plate and stacking bacon on it. I sat at the broken table and started stuffing my face. Harry hummed to the radio which only made my head pound more but I didn't say anything.


"What are your plans for tonight? More parties while I wait for your call?"


I rolled my eyes, "You are such a drama queen Harry Bear. I'm recovering tonight. Last night was bad. Thanks for coming to get me.."


Harry looked over at me with those blue eyes and dimpled cheeks, "I'll always be there for you.."


I finished eating then went upstairs to lay down. My head hurt so bad. Harry was about to leave anyway and didn't mind me going back to bed. He was meeting up with his new flavor of the week. I crawled back into the bed and the next thing I knew my phone buzzed. Cassandra texted me.




I stared at the text for the longest time. One more party wouldn't hurt, would it? Then I thought about Harry. I promised I would be home tonight before he left the house to go spend time with some girl. Not that I didn't mind him spending time with a girl or anything. He just couldn't make his damn mind about these girls he spend time with. I looked down at the text and replied.



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