two way road


1. Oli

Dear Oli, 

you can't be gone; you CAN'T be. you've always been there for me- you've always been my best friend, despite the five year age difference, you've always been there for me. I remember the day we met; you'd just moved into the house next door; two story with pale rendering and a solar-panelled roof. You'd come from a well-off family but you'd been fighting your own secret war that not even I knew about until last summer. 

Apparently you were the body that was found in the car wreckage last friday on Bellanoma Avenue; afterall, the clues all match up: 21 year old male, medium-build, black eyes, brown hair, pale skin. Please, Please, PLEASE call me, text me, write me, email me, somehow let me know that you're still alive because I miss you terribly and so do Charlotte and Max. Well, Will just got home from Harvard so I have to go, but just know that I miss you,

love always, your little sister,

Anna. xx


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