My So called Boyfriend( Louis Tomlinson Fan Fiction)

My name is Eternity and I am dating Louis Tomlinson, yes THE Louis from One Direction.


11. Chapter 8

Eternity's POV

A couple minutes after Liam hangs up the phone we hear the doorbell ring. I act like I'm to into the movie to notice. When in fact I know that Louis is here and I will soon have to face him. 

I hear Louis yell a HI to Liam as he opens the door. I automatically crack a smile at him acting like a little kid. 

Soon after I hear footsteps coming towards the room I am in. 

"She's in here, mate." I hear Liam's Wolverhampton accent say.

"I don't want to cause any trouble." I hear Louis respond back.

"Oh don't worry mate she's perfectly fine." I hear Liam respond as they make their way into the living room where I am curled up on the couch. 

"Hey.." Louis says shyly to me in, which is very rare for him to ever be quiet. I lift my head to look at him. His eyes have dark circles underneath them, he is also skinnier. My heart instantly drops looking at my ex. 

"Oh LouBear!" I say getting off the couch and hugging him.He instantly engulfs me in a rib crushing hug. I take in his scent it's not as strong as it was before because he obviously had a rough couple of weeks with El breaking up with him and me starting to see Liam. Even though Liam and I aren't "official" yet we are just taking it slow. 

"I just miss her Eternity! So much!" He says into my neck and I know just by how long I've known him that he was near tears. I start to rub his back wanting to relax him. 

"Shhhh... I whisper to him my heart is already shattered. Even though he was technically with Eleanor he still had very strong feelings for me. And I had strong feelings for him as well. He just didn't want our relationship in the public eye. He was protecting me. But he had gotten feelings for Eleanor during the process. But now I am gaining feelings for Liam as well. 

I am just so confused. Do I want strong, mature Liam? Or Immature, crazy,fun, sometimes annoying Louis? 

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