My So called Boyfriend( Louis Tomlinson Fan Fiction)

My name is Eternity and I am dating Louis Tomlinson, yes THE Louis from One Direction.


8. Chapter 6

Eternity's POV

I must of been sitting on Liam's lap for hours. I thought to my self as I still cried into his shoulder as he rubbed my back. 

"I..I Just want to go home." I whispered out still holding onto Liam like he was my life jacket and I'm threatening to go under.

"OKay, love. I'll take you home." He says in his Wolverhampton accent which I loved so much. It was so gentle on the ears.

"C-Can I go back to your apartment? I don't want to be alone righht now." I say not looking up at him.

"Sure,love." He says and picks me up bridal style and carries me out to his Land Rover. Paps are surroudning us. Which makes me just bury my face deeper into his chest hoping that paps don't have a picture of me (Louis' Gf) holding onto Liam like he was the last thing on Earth.
 The paps asked things like

"Who is she?" 

"Are you together?"
"Liam, Are you taking her home?" 

Liam, ignored all the questions and got me into his car making sure he stood in the way so the paps wouldn't get a picture of me. When he moved away from me I hid my face in my coat. Silently, praying that Liam would get into the car soon and drive off. Within 30 seconds he was he fastened his  seatbelt and pulled away from the curb. 

"You can stop hiding your self,babe." Liam said in a joking manner.

"Sorry I didnt' want to start drama." I said sinking into his leather seats which was nice and toasty seeing as he had the heated seats on. 

"What do you mean?" He asks when we stopped at a red light. Glancing at me studying my face the way Liam does. 

"I mean between you and Louis." I say back in a hushed whisper. Liam laughs and says "Babe, 'm sure if he cared that you were with me. He would have tried to beat me when he saw you with me in the coffee shop." He smiled knowing that Louis was no match for him. I smiled back at him looking into his deep brown eyes. That held an emotion that I couldn't place. 

He quickly looked back at the road and started to speed off towards his apartment. While I was watching the way his hands move on the wheel and how he would drum to the bass of the song that was on the radio.

"Y'Know staring is considered rude." He joked eyes still on the road but I knew I have been caught. 

"I was not staring." I said back pulling my eyes away from the gorgeous boy that was right next to me.

"Mhm. Sure you weren't. You were just watching my hands for no reason?" He asked his joking demenor still laced in his voice.
"Well, your hands are very nice!" 

Shit. Really Eternity why did you have to say that?!?! I mentally face palm myself.

"Oh really. I hear I can do some amazing things with them." He said to me now he's watching my face waiting for my reaction. 




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