My So called Boyfriend( Louis Tomlinson Fan Fiction)

My name is Eternity and I am dating Louis Tomlinson, yes THE Louis from One Direction.


6. Chapter 4

Eternity's POV

I call Liam hoping he would give me details on why Louis was ignoring me. He hasn't spoken to me in close to three weeks. 

"Hey Li!" I call him by his nickname that only I am allowed to call him. Harry once called him that and lets just say he will never do it again. 

"Hey Eternity." He says back to me. I can tell that he is smiling.

"Can I ask you something?" I say nervously to him.

"Sure babe." The way his Wolverhampton accent says babe, I'm not going to lie,it gives me butterflies. Especially, when he says it to me.

"Do you know why Louis is ignoring me?" I ask him hoping he would give me a reason why the older boy was ignoring me. 

"I don't know why babe." Again I get butterflies. I have always secretly had a thing for Liam, but my feelings for Louis were always there way more.

"Oh okay. Thanks Li. I'll talk to you soon okay?" I say even though I am close to tears knowing that I'm losing one of the only boys that I will ever love. 

"Okay babe. And please don't cry. Girls as beautiful as you don't deserve to cry." He says and I know he means it. 

I smile and say bye to Liam. Hanging up the phone I immediately feel like a part of me isn't with me. I don't know if its because I am losing Louis or that I just got off the phone with the other boy that I've had a crush on. 

I wish I could have Liam. I know he'd never hide our relationship like Louis does. I think to myself.  As I curl up in my bed wishing I had somebody to cuddle with.

The Next Morning

I wake up to my phone blasting Louis' part in Little Things.That was our song.  I sigh knowing it was the one boy that has been ignoring me for the past three weeks. I lean out of my bed not wanting to get out from underneath the warmth of the covers.

"Hello?" I say into the phone waiting to hear the reply of the person on the other end.

"Hey Eternity.." I hear Louis say his voice shaking. I knew he was nervous.

"Who else would it be!?!" I say back harshly. He hasn't talked to me in over three weeks. I am not going to be nice to him.

"Umm... Can go out for coffee? Theres something we need to talk about." He says and I can tell he's nervous.

"I can't I'm going out with Liam." I lie hoping he couldn't see through it.

"Oh.. okay.." He says the saddness that comes through his voice makes my heart break into a million pieces. No No Hayls! Do not give in! He deserves this!

We say an akward goodbye and I decide to call Liam to see if he was free to get some breakfast. So it wasn't a lie I just told my boyfriend... I guess he's now my ex-boyfriend?

"Hey LiLi" I say to him secretly hoping he wouldn't be busy to go out with me. 

"Hey Eternity. Whats up?" He asks I can hear concern lacing through his voice.

"Can we go out for coffee? I need to talk to you.. Please." I cross every digit I can hoping that he would say yes.

"O'course babe. How 'bout ten?"

"Thats perfect!" I say to happy. Liam smiles as we say our goodbyes.

At The Cofffee Shop

Eternity's POV

I arrive at the designated coffee shop that Liam and I setup. Far enough outside of London where there wouldn't be a lot of fans but close enough that you can see the London SkyLine.

I pick a seat in the window having already ordered my coffee and a muffin. I see Liam walking towards the coffee shop with a beanie on and a hoodie. I wave at him a little over ethusactically (spelling?) he smiles back at me, and gives me a small wave.

He enters the coffee shop and heads to the counter to order his coffee and a muffin. When he gets what he ordered he joined me. 

"Hey Eternity" He says and I instantly melt. 

Please someone remind me why I picked Louis instead of the handsome boy that is in front of me. 

"Hey Liam"

We sit there and talk for about thirty minutes till I see a boy being followed by about ten girls. And it was Louis. He had his arm strewen over a girls shoulders. She had long dirty blonde hair and she was wearing a military style jacket. I see him looking at me and he gave me half a smile. Then, he said something to the girl who he had his arm around and gave her a kiss on the cheek. No. No. No. He's heading into the coffee shop. FML!





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