My So called Boyfriend( Louis Tomlinson Fan Fiction)

My name is Eternity and I am dating Louis Tomlinson, yes THE Louis from One Direction.


4. Chapter 3

Louis POV

"B-b-but Babe" I whispered to her as I started to head out of our house.

"Just leave Louis!" She yelled at me. It felt like she just stabbed my heart she never called me Louis. It was always Lou. 

"She's my girlfriend, El." I said to her hoping to calm the hurricane that was soon to be released.

"Yes! But you promised me that you wouldn't fuck her. And what do you do?!?!" She pauses and looks at me with anger filled eyes.

"I fucked her." I mumbled back looking at the floor to scared to look into her eyes.

"Yes! And now we're done so go move in with your girlfriend!"  Just the way she said girlfriend made me think that I will never have El back in my life. 


2 Weeks Later


 It's been 2 weeks and she has called me. I miss her. I miss waking up next to her. I miss kissing her neck. I miss the way she would cuddle with me. Fuck I miss her a heck of a lot!

Liam called me since I haven't done anything with the band for over 3 weeks. 

"Hey Mate." Liam said as I answered the phone.

"Hey Liam." I said back without emotion.

"The boys and I are going out. We were wondering if you wanted to come with?" He asked I could tell he was hopefull that I would say yes.

"I can't. I just miss her Liam. She was my everything." I am so close to tears that I can feel my throat start to close up.

"You still have Eternity Lou." He says to me. You see, Liam has had a crush on Eternity since we first met her.  But she had a thing for me. And ever since I started dating El behind her back. Liam thinks she can do better than me. AKA Him!

"Go ahead and go after her. I don't care." I say not really giving a shit if he dates her and if they come out together to the press.

"What?" He asks back shocked. Usually, when he says her name I go off on him saying how "she's mine. And how he can't have her." 

"Are you sure mate?" He asks me unsure of what to make of my statement. 

"Yea 'm sure." I say back getting annoyed with him.

"Shouldn't you break up with her first?" 

"I already did." Which was half the truth. I've been ignoring her calls and text messages for weeks now. And she knows not to come by our, I mean my, flat. 


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