My So called Boyfriend( Louis Tomlinson Fan Fiction)

My name is Eternity and I am dating Louis Tomlinson, yes THE Louis from One Direction.


17. Chapter 14

Eternity's POV

Louis continues to play with my hair while humming and I continue to mindlessly play with his fingers. But after a couple of minutes he stops and stares at me.

"What? Do I have something on my face?" I ask while running my hands over my face frantically. He grabs my hands and shakes his head with a small smile playing on his lips.

"No love. I just don't understand how I got so lucky with you. Thats all." He leans down and kisses me on my lips.

"Look at you Lou. There's millions of girls who would love to be in my position. Yet, you chose little old me. Who wears jeans and t-shirts." I say intertwining our fingers and using my other hand to play with his hair that is sticking out everywhere.

"They only love me as "Louis from 1D" while you love me for me." He says watching me with curious eyes.

"Well, if you went by tabloids I'm only with you for your money. Oh by the way I saw a Louis Vuitton purse that I'm in love with." He laughs at my statement and rolls his eyes and kisses the tip of my nose.

"What I'm being serious!?!?!" I say offended that he would laugh at me.

"I have never seen you once walk into a Louis Vuitton store." He says still chuckling.

"I fell in love with it online then!" I say glaring at him.


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