My So called Boyfriend( Louis Tomlinson Fan Fiction)

My name is Eternity and I am dating Louis Tomlinson, yes THE Louis from One Direction.


15. Chapter 12

Louis' POV

I wake up with my arm around Eternity's waist. She's cuddled up against my chest her nose buried into my bare skin. I smile and run my free hand through her matted hair. I get out of the bed quietly and head into the bathroom to take a quick shower. Not wanting to wake her so I can jump right back into bed and cuddle some more.

After the shower

I gently pull back the covers and slide in next to her. Sliding my arm across her waist. Instantly feeling calm with my nose in her neck taking in her scent.I lift up her shirt and place my hand on her flat stomach. She tenses a little bit in her sleep feeling my warm hand on her skin. But she relaxes again. 

I move my hand up and down her soft stomach feeling her deep breathing while she's sound asleep. I bend down and press a kiss on her stomach and gently take some skin in between my lips and suck leaving her a nice hickey. That when she woke up she'll know that she's mine. Not Liam's. Not any one else's but mine. I smile as I look at my handy work and leave one last gentle kiss on the newly marked skin. I move her shirt to cover it up and place my hand bellow her breasts. And fall into a deep sleep with my girl held tightly in my arms. 

Eternity's POV

I wake up to Louis' buff arms underneath my breasts cupping them gently. I turn over and smile at the sleeping boy laying next to me. I move some of the hair that has moved in front of his blue eyes. Leaving a kiss on his right cheek I get out of bed moving his hand slowly as to not wake him up. I go in the bathroom to take a shower. Once I remove my shirt I see a fresh hickey just above my hip bone. 

Cheeky boy

 I thought as I study the newly marked skin. He knows that I hate hickey's where they are viewable for the whole world to see. So he always leaves them where I can hide them easily.  I get into the shower smiling the whole time. The boy laying back in my bed is the boy that I'm absolutely in love with. 

Yes, everybody thinks that Larry Stylinson is real but in fact they are just friends. The real person that loves Louis Tomlinson is me. Eternity Lynn just a normal girl who knows the real caring, sweet, gentle, kind Louis. The one that cuddles with him whenever he gets time off. The one who he flies out to wherever he is. The one who spends all of his free time and money on. Even though I tell him I don't need things. He just loves to spoil me. He is my everything, my light, my soul, he is my love. There isn't anything I wouldn't do for that boy. 

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