My So called Boyfriend( Louis Tomlinson Fan Fiction)

My name is Eternity and I am dating Louis Tomlinson, yes THE Louis from One Direction.


13. Chapter 10


Louis tears away from my neck and looks behind me to Liam. 

"You got yourself a good girl Liam. Please take care of her." He says tears still running down his cheeks. As soon as he finishes it he heads to the front door and leaves.

"Go after him Eternity. I know you still love him. So go. I'll still be here waiting. I'm not going anywhere." I look back at him shocked that he wants me to leave him and date Louis again. But I don't take a chance to have him second guess himself. I run out the door and head to where Louis is sitting in his car. Trying to get his tears under control so he can drive. I run over tear his door open grab the collar of his shirt and kiss him. I could tell that he was startled but within a couple of seconds he kissed me back with just as much passion as I had. 

He slid his hands underneath my thighs and lifts me into his lap.

"Please don't leave me." He whispers with me on his lap. His head in the crook of my neck.

"I can't stand losing you again." He strokes my cheek with this calloused thumb. 

"I don't plan on leaving you Lou. I love you and I always have loved you." I say stroking his cheek wanting nothing more than for him to take me right here, right now. 

"Make me yours Lou. Make me yours." I whisper just loud enough for him to hear. A smile breaks onto his lips. He leans forward crashing his lips on mine. Hungry to feel my lips on his, to feel his tongue explore my mouth that he's explored so many times. 

He slides his hand in the waistband of my Pajama shorts and takes them off as well as my thong. And throws them into the passenger seat. He slides his hand underneath me and takes his member out of his straining pants. And gently slides into me. His lips never leaving mine. I gasp onto his lips as I feel him fill me up. He smiles into the kiss and his hands grip tightly onto my hips.

"Move." He says against my now swollen lips. Following his orders I start to rotate my hips against him. Knowing that I'm doing it right by the gasps and moans that are coming out against my lips.

I start to bounce on top of him  his member almost leaving me before impaling myself onto him again. His lips leave mine and fix themselves on my neck occasionally nibbling and sucking. 

"FUCK Eternity!" He says as he stands up and places me on the passenger seat. He spreads my legs and starts to thrust himself deeper into my throbbing core. Earning whimpers and me clawing down his back.

"Louissss!" I whimper as he continues hitting my G-Spot. My tiny grip his biceps squeezing them as they strain to keep himself upright over me. His deep blue eyes meet mine full of lust as they rake down my now naked body. I feel Louis' thrusts becoming sloppier and I know that he is about to cum inside of me.

"Cum for me Lou. Fill me with your hot semen."I say to him in the most seductive voice I can muster.

"FUCK!" He says as he comes undone on top of me. He continues his assault on me knowing that my end is near. My grip on his biceps get tighter as I start to come undone underneath him.

"LLLOUISSS!" I scream as I come undone. He kisses me all over my face. As he gets me through my climax. I wrap my arms around his neck pulling my heater closer to me so he's laying full weight on top of me. 
"I love you Lou." I say to him before I fall asleep.


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