The Untold Story

One Direction is now known as the group with infectious tunes. But take a trip back to freshman year of high school. With abusive relationships, drinking, affairs, and deaths, follow Lindsay Prescott through the trials and tribulations of high school with the band and friends. Through the eyes of a typical teen girl, Lindsay exposes to us the the untold stories of 1D that not even the press could do.


41. The Day Before

     With Christmas three days away and the Battle of the Bands tomorrow, I let it slide that Logan was acting as if we were now a 'hot couple'. Last night, the pills I had taken, I figured out, were expired by a few weeks. This explained the sleeping in a bra and with Logan, but why would i insist that he sleep with me, and better yet, why did he agree to? Maybe it was all a story. Maybe we really had gotten drunk and it had led to something. Who came on to who? Soon, i started to not care about the mystery of how it happened. I enjoyed the day with a friend...

     Regardless of how soon to Christmas it actually was, the streets and strip malls were pretty barren. I wore a pair of jeans and a monogrammed blue t-shirt that slipped over one shoulder. Logan had incredibly dark navy jeans and a striking faded red shirt. On his face, he rocked expensive Ray Bans with his dark hair falling right over the top frame, with a black beanie resting softly near the back of his head. 

     Somehow, just hanging out seemed, in a way, right. From 9 to 5, most would be at work or a party. With Logan, we did random acts of creative fun. We went into clothing stores and tried on things we would never wear, we watched a baseball game in the park between kids, hoping the cops wouldn't charge us with pedophilia. We went to the skating park and tried to skate- we failed miserably. After many attempts of finding something productive to do, we both settled on something- swimming.

     In town there's a gym that hardly any one goes to just to work out, but to swim in the pool they had out back. It being December, they had the jets on and the water was bathwater warm. We payed and entered the indoor pool room expecting a crowd, but found it empty.

     "Boy, I've taken my clothes off near you two days in a row. Is this a record?" Logan joked from the other stall of the unisex changing room.

     "Sure, but not one you'd want to break,"

     I came out, finding Logan in a bright blue swim suit and his sunglasses still on. 

     "Nice two piece, Linds'," he just kinda scoped me out.

     My bathing suit consisted of two pieces, both bright pink with flowers- something some would call sexual, I guess.

     "Sure did, they were half off. You pay the rest," i playfully pushed him, his bare back slapping the warm water drenching me. I leaped in after him, trying to land as close to him as possible without landing ON him.

      From underwater, Logan looked somewhat mystical. His dark hair seemed lighter, and was gliding through the water. His chest seemed more muscular, and I hardly even noticed the sound of voices over our heads until he pointed it out.

     Two people, I could hear, laughing, walked into the pool.

     It's the middle of December, how many people could possibly come to the pool?

     For a brief moment, I remembered the only other person who would think to do this. I erupted from the water, finally feeling the chilly breeze hit my face. Brushing my hair from my veiw, his bright blue eyes hit me like bullets.

     "Lindsay?" Niall's sweet voice for once frightened me rather than calmed me. It was a challenge.

     "Niall." I backstroked back to Logan, who had just broke the surface of the waves.

     "Who's your friend?" he directed it towards Logan, as if he didn't remember him.

     "Who's yours?" she had lengthy blonde hair, tied into a neat ponytail strung through a hat- Niall's hat.

     "Hailey. Remember, from the party?" She grimaced, unzipping her jacket to reveal a 2 piece even sluttier than mine.

     "Here, I got it," in my mind, she never took her eye off of me. She gripped Niall's shirt, pulling it up and over his head.

     "Thanks babe," he kissed her on the forehead, now making me wonder whether that was a cute Lindsay and Niall thing or just a Niall thing. Niall glanced back towards me, waiting for an answer.

     "This is Logan, ya know, the one who helped drag your drunken body back to the classroom that one day?"

     "Oh yeah, thanks for that," he never even hinted sarcasm, just devilishly winked towards the both of us and threw his stuff onto the seat next to ours.

     "Care if we join you?" he added.


     Ya know how you never know how sexy a guy can be until you aren't with him anymore? Well this is what had happened to me. As Niall had his arm around Hailey's waist and not mine, i realized how strong and ripped his arm actually was. I tried to look at Logan as much I could, but as Niall dove crisply into the room temp. water, I stared without even trying.

     "So how did you and Niall get to be so close?" I asked Hailey, giving her a chance.

     "My party, duh. He came out some closet game with this girl. She wouldn't put out, and Niall seemed pretty upset with it and we hooked up. I guess when you dumped his sexy ass, he came crawling back to me," she smiled at her cruel comment.

     Niall broke the surface, "What'd I miss?" he said, slapping his wet hair around his head.

     "Nothing," i said, "But I miss you,"


     I stormed from the water, leaving the boyfriend, the bitch, and the ex alone to themselves while I cried my eyes out.


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