The Untold Story

One Direction is now known as the group with infectious tunes. But take a trip back to freshman year of high school. With abusive relationships, drinking, affairs, and deaths, follow Lindsay Prescott through the trials and tribulations of high school with the band and friends. Through the eyes of a typical teen girl, Lindsay exposes to us the the untold stories of 1D that not even the press could do.


35. "Skanks"-giving

      *** I'd just like to dedicate this chapter to Frenzy Simpson and Lilly Camp. Without them and their support I would never have began to write this movella for Frenzy's birthday and give her the gift of One Direction through my words. And to Lilly, with you at Newnan you're talkative words still roam through the classrooms as we all still talk about you... mostly good stuff. Thanks for shunning me for never updating, it helps :)



     It was only minutes after my mother and father departed the table. They'd left their mucky plates drenched in stuffing and uneaten turkey in the sink and headed off for their Thanksgiving nap. Aj had taken off her dress and was flaunting my jeans, a tee and a jacket. She and Zayn sat side by side, and yet distanced themselves as if each other's presences were either unneeded or not there. Louis stole food from Niall's plate, him responding by laughing and shoving his face with as much potatoes as possible before it was stolen. Harry and Liam were silent, me seated between the two of them. Liam neatly refolded my mother's napkin and leaned back in his chair, picking turkey from his teeth. The kitchen and dining table were quiet: Thanksgiving with nothing to be thankful for.

     "How's about some strip poker!" Harry suggested, tossing the football over his head and looking to Liam. His eyes were alive, and that's when i realized I'd never gotten to actually know Harry. His wild hair, in a way, fit him perfectly. In his very own fashion, he was adorable. He bore holes through my head, tapping Liam on the shoulder, saying "Huh! Huh? Anyone at all?" he threw his hands at his sides, seemingly frustrated with the group's lack of enthusiasm. 

     Niall swallowed, throwing down his fork and standing up. "Let's do it." His blonde hair was neatly combed, and his chest and arms bulged from his kelly green vest. I looked up from the hiding spot my eyes had found in my lap, and stared, waiting for a response. 

     "Well, might as well play strip Monopoly, considering you ladies don't know anything about poker but the unreasonable gambling," Aj boldly proclaimed, jumping from her chair and ignoring Zayn's hand rested on her leg. 

     "It's a deal," Zayn stood from his chair, towering over Aj, "How's about I get the ball rolling." He slid his arms out of the flannel, throwing his shirt and loosely tied tie to the floor before Aj. He watched as Liam walked across to the cabinet, opening and closing, searching for the game. Under the table, I felt Aj kick Zayn's clothes to my side of the table. 

     Zayn's torso was ripped, with a slender body and tremendously dark skin. Liam found Monopoly, and sat it on the table. 

     For a second, I thought Niall anxiously looked in my direction. And in trying to meet his eyes, all I found was a blank expression.

      "The Rules of the game are simple," Zayn spoke up, adjusting his thimble on the playing board. He stretched across the table to grab the pastel-colored money, and his dark underarm hair stuck out. Harry was rubbing his hand together out of excitement, practically jumping in his seat.

     "Buy properties, sure. Trade, all's fine. Pass go, it's all good. The trick is... no money. Clothes!" he slid the money across the counter behind him, it hitting the fridge at the end of the kitchen. 

     "Jewelry and accesories are worth the tens or twenties, depending on how expensive," I gripped my grandmother's pure silver locket in my grasp, holding it at my neck, "Shirts are fifties. Pants are one hundreds. Any underwear are five hundreds, and ones and fives are unused. Pass go, you get to put back on the most expensive piece of clothing. It may get difficult at times to keep up with the money, and the specific prices don't count. Park Place are pants, Mediterranean is an earring. I don't care if you didn't think to bring clothes. But just remember: the less clothes, you're losing," Zayn finished.

      "The less clothes, I'm always winning!" Harry exclaimed, winking at Aj and I. Zayn rolled his eyes. Niall remained motionless in his seat.

     "Let it begin!" Zayn said, blowing into his cupped hands and throwing his fate onto the board.



     Everyone went around the board once, passing Go without any meaning. Zayn and Aj both rolled, landing in somewhat expensive places. They left what remaining clothes they had on. Harry rolled a 2, getting the brown property and stripping himself of a single rubber band around his wrist, covered in bracelets almost up to his elbows. 

     "Come at me, bro," he looked at Louis in the back corner of the table beside Niall and gestured a fight symbol I didn't know. He gave him a finger and smiled politely. Harry handed me the dice, laughing. I jiggled the die in my hands, looking to Aj. She smiled and pushed her hair behind her ear. In the far corner of her face, you could still briefly see the signs of the bruised eye from a month before.

     I threw the dice, hoping for a low number to shed maybe a toe ring or my necklace. Of course, I blink and there's a six and a five. 11. 

     "Ooooooo," the table blasted. In a moment of pure courage, a ripped off my shirt, leaving the locket and scarf draped low to hide my lace white bra. I slammed the shirt on the table, grabbing the property from Zayn (the banker)'s grasp. 

     For the first time this afternoon, Niall sought me out from across the board. Whipping my brown and curled hair behind my shoulder, I looked back. "That's right," I said.

     Liam went, loosing a shoe. Zayn clamped his nose and accepted it. Louis didn't buy, refusing. Next it was Niall.

     Like me, he rolled an 11, landing on my space.

     At this moment, I wasn't necessarily the happiest with him. "Pay up," I said, looking him dead in the eyes. Without loosing eye contact, he threw his green vest at me, his clover necklace landing on his black button-up. A few rounds later, Zayn had taken away the dog tag. Aj removed both earrings, and Harry was in jeans and a rubber band. Louis and I stayed shirtless and him fully clothed, Liam without pants and Niall stripping himself of the clover. 

     Aj's turn, she rolled the dice and landed in the most expensive place after Liam's. "No, no. Haha, I'll stay here," she said.

     "Oh come on babe, just play with us and take something off," Zayn urged, giggling and running his finger through her long hair She slapped him away. "That line can't always work, you know," she spat.

     For a second, the house was silent again.

     "What the hell, babe," Zayn broke it the tension, gripping her wrist. Pulling away, Aj stammered, "If you want me naked, you have your camera roll for that," Louis made a burn noise, quickly silenced by Niall's fist. 

     Zayn grabbed her again, her ripping away. "Aj, just play the damn game right or I'll-"

    "What? Hit me again? How much sex did you get after doing that exactly?!" She shot from the chair, the evening sun gleaming through the window made her appear to be even more menacing.

     "Hit you? What the fuck, Aj! I was gonna say quit! Stop putting words in my mouth,"

    "I'll do that as soon as you stop trying to put YOUR DICK in MINE!" 

    "Well I'm going all out!" Louis proclaimed, dropping his pants and loosing the shirt. Liam held back laughter.

    "Aj, calm down, damn it!" Zayn shouted. Across the house, my parents slept, not hearing the commotion.

     "So I guess the only time you like me wily is in bed with your disrespectful ass, huh?" Aj smacked back him, clearly beating him at his own fight.

    In one swift movement, Zayn's open palm collided with the center of her cheek, knocking her to the floor as fast as "Bitch" left Zayn's lips. Harry jumped, landing on Zayn and pinning him to the floor. Tears filled Aj's eyes.

    "GET THE HELL OFF HIM," Aj screamed to Harry. He rolled off, dodging Aj's foot as it rimmed the center of Zayn's crotch.

     "I'll just put these back on," Louis slid his jeans over his boxers, "ya know, left the cup at home,"

    I jumped from my seat, holding Aj back as she cursed and threw punches into Zayn's face. He shouted, trying to cover his crotch and face simultaneously, failing.

     When nothing could get worse, I pulled Aj away, landing on top of her body draped over the table in my bra.

    A door opened, and the dark brown hair and grey eyes met with mine just as Aj shouted, "YOU RAPED ME, YOU BASTARD!" 

    Logan stood in the doorway, locking his eyes on my naked body on Aj's, Louis struggling to zip his pants, Liam covering his privates outside the underwear, Zayn in the floor crying, and Niall and Harry helping him up.

    "Um, Happy Thanksgiving..." he said with a trembling voice.

    "Happy Thanksgiving to you, too!" Louis said, successfully zipping his pants, "Care to join us?" 


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