The Untold Story

One Direction is now known as the group with infectious tunes. But take a trip back to freshman year of high school. With abusive relationships, drinking, affairs, and deaths, follow Lindsay Prescott through the trials and tribulations of high school with the band and friends. Through the eyes of a typical teen girl, Lindsay exposes to us the the untold stories of 1D that not even the press could do.


12. Rock Climbing

     Niall never took his eyes off the road, speeding down the street and breathing heavily.

     "So, um, Niall?" I asked, breaking the silence in the truck.

     He never even looked in my direction, only looking dead forward. In spite of his concentration, he still responded, "What, love?"

     "All that stuff that just happened, what does it mean?" I wondered. Not only had Niall and I made out, but were close to having sex. When I woke up this morning, Niall and I hadn't talked in a year. And tonight when I go to sleep, I would be able to say that Niall and I nearly lost our virginitys to each other. For some reason,  was actually falling for Niall this time. Why this time?

     "I guess that it means we kissed," he said.

     That's it? 

     "Okay, follow up question. If that condom had been yours, would you have gone all the way?"

     This time, I had to have him. There's no way to pass off this conversation without some sort of confession. 

     Niall spoke, "It depends, would you have?"

     And here is where I drew a blank. Did I love Niall or not? Or did that even matter...

     Niall pulled into Zayn's driveway at last, and we slammed the doors and rushed to the side window where his bedroom was. The lights were on.

     "So, just climb up the ladder," Niall said.

     I didn't realize it before, but with a closer look, I could see rails jutting out of the side of the house, leading to Zayn's window like a rock climbing wall. I started up the ladder, and had a flashback from when I was climbing up Niall's bed just a half hour earlier.

     Niall came on the ladder behind me, and we knocked on Zayn's window.

     "Let us in bro," Niall said. Zayn opened the window, and we climbed in. The room was empty, thank God.

     "Where's Aj!" I shouted, Niall quickly clamping his hand over my mouth. I lunged at Zayn, but Niall was too strong and held me back.

     "She's at home... We had a little fight, and I dropped her off at her place,"

     So he didn't sleep with her... But what kind of fight are we talking here?

     Niall responded, "Sorry, it's just that i took that condom from you and we thought you and Aj were planning on... You know,"

     "No way, Aj and i have only been talking for half a day. Why would i have sex with her this soon?"


     I wasn't expecting Zayn to answer all my problems, but he just hit the nail on the head. What have I done?

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