The Untold Story

One Direction is now known as the group with infectious tunes. But take a trip back to freshman year of high school. With abusive relationships, drinking, affairs, and deaths, follow Lindsay Prescott through the trials and tribulations of high school with the band and friends. Through the eyes of a typical teen girl, Lindsay exposes to us the the untold stories of 1D that not even the press could do.


31. Oasis Betrayal

Some part of me felt like this was not right. I held onto Logan's hand, pulling him through the wet forest to the one place I shouldn't be taking him. The Oasis- made for me by my present boyfriend, shown to me by my dead friend. And yet, with the water falling all over us from the leaves above, wind slapping us as we split through it in a run, I couldn't find any way not to bring him there.

"Where exactly are we going, Linds'?" he caught up with me and wrapped his arms around me. We fell to the ground in one big mess. Usually, I would begin to punch a guy for that. But with Logan, all I could do was laugh my ass off and splash water in his face.

"Well apparently, we're going into a puddle," I stood, kicking extra water into his face. He closed his eyes, covering his face and wrapping his shirt around it. Now, his chest and stomach were bare. I began to read the notes painted onto his musical scale when we were face to face.

Whore. How could I be doing this? Niall and I had sex, and we've had adventures like this, too. Why was it funner with Logan? Why do I let him kiss me and take off his shirt in front of me. I just had judged Aj for fooling around with Zayn in the bathroom. The only difference between my situation and her's is that I'm in the woods, and the guy isn't even my boyfriend.

Without thinking, my hand landed on his his chest, tracing the musical score. Growing up, I'd always been told that tattoos were dirty and a permanent way to paint and ruin your body. But etched on his perfectly tanned skin, his broad shoulders and stiff chest, the ink was like art. The blacks and reds told an untold story, a secret song. The D's and A's danced on his body, and I couldn't help but hum the supposed song.

"Don't," he said, grasping my hand and pulling it down between us.

"Sorry, I just was-"

"It's okay. That's what everyone does," Logan's face was stricken with a frown I'd never seen. He ripped his shirt to pieces angrily, exploding with wrath. He cried, he tore, leaving strips of his white shirt to shreds on the soggy leaves below us. Tears were streaming down his face, making his cheeks a bright crimson. I no longer directed my attention to his gorgeous body, but the destruction his body was capable of causing. His hands, once crookedly fitting into mine, made a shirt turn into multiple rags.

He fell to his knees, crying, his art project finished. He knelt on his pile of white, and whispered, "She's gone. She's gone,"

And then my mind shot to the thought of Alan.

I kneeled in front if him, grabbing his hands in mine, "I know, I know..."

And I really wish I did know.


I led him to the Oasis to sit down, tell me what was bothering him. He walked solemnly behind me, his short, stale breaths making his chest fall and rise in sync with his quiet sobs.

"Who was she?" It slipped, but I meant it.

"Who?" he was hiding something.

Lightning proceeded to crackle in the background, leaving the rest of the sky in a never-ending mass of gray. The rain continued to pour down on us, each individual drop like a bullet in our heads.

"The girl. You said she was gone,"

It was easier to talk to Logan with him behind me. When he talks to my back, I can't see him crying. I hear his tale, and he still feels like a man.

"Abbey. Her name was Abbey."

I remember now. A year or so back, this girl named Abbey Foster was found in the woods behind her house. Neighbors say they remember her singing a song at the top of her lungs and then mysteriously stopped. The found her hanging from a rope in an old oak tree by her neck. The tree had several unidentifiable carvings in the tree.

"Abbey Foster?" I asked quietly.

"Yea. My girlfriend," he continued to pace behind me.

"Ex... Exgirlfriend," he followed up. I looked back at him, seeing his gray eyes just barely in the dark. I measured him up, seeing his abs and biceps flex and contract rapidly. They were bigger than Niall's...

"Oh." All I could think to say, really.

Ahead, I saw the oasis in the cacoon of the crooked and intwined tree branches. Once, it looked beautiful. The water sprinkling and sunlight seeping through the leafs. Now, the oasis looked wicked. Like evil had stormed through. And as if it weren't enough, on the far side of the space I spotted a figure. A man.

Finally, Logan jumped from his perch behind me, "Stay behind me," he said. I looked at his final note on his music scale. A G note.

"Who the hell are you?!" The voice came from the figure. His voice was slurred, as if he had been drinking. Alot.

He turned to face us, but the ominous darkness surrounded his face, making it unseeable. Something about the voice chilled me to the very core.

"What are you doing in OUR oasis anyway?" I shouted from my hiding spot behind Logan.

"YOUR oasis? Excuse me, love, but I don't recall YOU building it!" It was only moments later that I knew.

"Niall?" I said.

"You know him?" Logan looked at me, letting me slide my arm in front of him, approaching Niall.

"Lindsay?" he slid this hoodie off of his head, finally getting close enough to be able to see his face. His eyes were red, the beautiful blue I always longed to look at stained a hideous black. His blonde hair was botched off into every direction, his face pale. From yards away, the horrid odor of beer swam through the thin, wet air.

"Who's this?" Niall said, nearing us. Logan naturally poked out his chest, pushing me behind him once again.

"Logan Price, you call me Logan." It felt like forever ago he'd said that very thing to me.

"Alright, Logan," Niall spoke, his speech still impaired, "What are you doing with MY girlfriend?" Niall ran to me, wrapping his arms around my shoulders, lifting me and spinning. His touch felt foreign, like his hands sliding down my back were the legs of a spider, soon to bite. He set me down to eye level, and the scent of alcohol only got worse.

"Gimme a kiss, babe, how bout it!" He shot forward, and I turned, leaving his lips pressed against my cheek. Looking to the side disgusted, my eyes found Logan. He looked to the ground, hands shoved into his pockets.

Niall departed from his perfect kiss, and belched in my face.

"Niall, set me down!" I shouted, squirming. Logan approached us, attempting to separate the mini-fued.

"STOP!" I shouted to Logan, holding the palm of my hand to his face and kicking at Niall. In my mind, I imagined Niall beating Alan senseless on the beach. His fists digging into his face, blood flying.

Niall spun me some more, laughing uncontrollably. A shirtless Logan stood to the side, backing off.

"Hey, how's about your naked friend leave and we settle some business," Niall spoke. He was clearly the worst drunk ever.

"What business? The fact that you're drunk or that you won't put me down?!" I struggled to escape, but Niall's arms were stuck to my back, squeezing me against him.

"Nah! This business goin' on in my pants!" Niall held me in place, proceeding to make thrusting motions into my hips. His hands slid to my butt, still holding me in.

"GODDAMN IT, NIALL, PUT ME DOWN!!" I slapped him in the jaw, kneeing his crotch and landing firmly on the ground in front of him.

"Lindsay... Alan. Alan's dead isn't he," Niall croaked, holding his hands to his head.

Logan looked away into the lightning flashing across the canvas of the oasis sky. For a second, all there was sounding was the soft trickle of the fountain and the distant thunder.

"Yes. Yes he is," I said, keeping in my tears. Niall held his crotch with one hand, wincing, and wiped his blotchy face with the other.

"And it's all my fault." Niall made a final remark, vomited on the damp ground, and fell to his side.


Eventually, Niall awoke. With the sky emptying it's fury, I left myself calm, ignoring the problem. We walked down the path back to school, Logan shirtless and broken on my right- Niall drunk and throwing up. But in reality, Niall was all I could think about. And Logan was the only thing my heart felt...

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