The Untold Story

One Direction is now known as the group with infectious tunes. But take a trip back to freshman year of high school. With abusive relationships, drinking, affairs, and deaths, follow Lindsay Prescott through the trials and tribulations of high school with the band and friends. Through the eyes of a typical teen girl, Lindsay exposes to us the the untold stories of 1D that not even the press could do.


11. Niall's Second Chance

*DISCLAIMER: The following chapter will have sexual acts and a severely dramatic and intense plot. Read at own risk... and innocence. :P*


     Eventually Aj and Zayn left, leaving me and Niall in a room with me laughing like an idiot. Outside, the moon cast a glare through the window, silhouetting Niall as he paced back and forth in his room.

     "Well, if you're just gonna keep laughing, can you turn your head? I have to change, and honestly if you continue to laugh while I do that, my self-esteem will take a serious blow," Niall whispered, walking into his closet. 

     "Sorry," I tried to stop, "I guess I just found the joke funny,"

     "Lindsay, it isn't that funny,"

     I wasn't listening. I looked from the corner of my eye as Niall slipped his tee-shirt over his head, revealing his abs and bare chest. The light from the window illuminated his eyes as well, as Niall continued to slide out of his pants.

     "What did I tell you about looking?" he grinned.

     "I'm not laughing," And i surely wasn't. After all those years of being friends, I had gotten used to seeing Niall at waterparks and such. But in the heat of the moment, Niall's body was a completely different type of attractive. He no longer looked like a brother.

     "Well, if you're gonna look this long, might as well give me some feedback," he laughed, sliding into some sweats.

     "Well, I'm not sure. When I bought you that membership at the gym a few years back, it was because I couldn't afford a real present. I didn't expect you to use it,"

     Niall laughed it off, climbing into the top bunk. he turned on the Tv, and guess what movie was on...

     "Well looke here, Lindsay, it's our movie!"

     In sixth grade, Niall and i both had a weekend with nothing to do. So we began to surf Netflix, watching random movies for the entire day. Of the millions, the only movie we both agreed on enjoying was 'The Little Mermaid'. And no matter how stupid we'd always assumed Disney movies to be, we both loved it.

     Knowing Niall was right above me in nothing but some sweatpants, I took a shot. One I'd regret? Probably. 

     "Hey Niall, i can't see from down here," Lie.

     "Move up here then. Perhaps you could see it," My chance.

     I pounced off the bed and immediately began to climb the ladder. I got to the top to find Niall comfortably lying down with his knees up and hands behind his head. 

     "Take pictures, lasts longer," he said. I finished my voyage to the top of the bed, and plopped down beside Niall.

     I guess it just occurred to me that I was in bed with Niall right now- and had no problem with it.

     Being an only child, I was never really around a brother. So when I spotted Niall 'readjusting' himself from the corner of my eye, I didn't pass it off. With his other hand, he reached down slowly to hold my hand. I knew this, and still held my hands close to my body.

     "Ya know you can touch it, right?" Niall said. 

     My eyes grew ten times larger. "Excuse me?"

     "My hand. It isn't poisonous," 

     Oh. i guess not. I reached over to grab his hand, and his fingers naturally interlocked with mine. in the movie, the wedding was taking place.

     "Did you ever notice in this movie that the minister has an erection?" Niall pointed to the screen. Originally, I looked, but my eyes slowly began to direct my eyes to Niall.

     How, in my right mind, did I not love him last year? I mean he's perfect... He can sing, he's handsome, he's a romantic, he's hilarious... And me? I'm the idiot who rejected him. Not this time.

     "Niall, do you ever feel like we have unfinished business?" I said.

     He averted his eyes from the movie and dead at me. Our foreheads were practically touching. 

     "What do you mean?"

     "Like last year, what happened in that closet. Do you ever think that if that night could happen again, it'd have a happy ending?"

     Niall's face got suddenly serious. "Well, I'm not sure... if you feel some way, that's just how things will work out in the end, one way or another," his eyes fell.

     "Yea, but what if I told you I feel different now?" I muttered, waiting for a response.

     In the heat of the moment, Niall cut his words short and slammed his face into mine. Our lips met, sliding perfectly into position, as if this entire year away had been spent planning to make this perfect. His hand broke away from mine, and onto my back, pulling me closer until I could feel the ups and downs of his naked chest against my own. I ran my fingers through his hair, and ran them down his side until they landed on the beginning of his sweats, lying on his hip. Our lips parted, as if I had been in Heaven and mysteriously had fallen.

     "Lindsay, we can't do this," Niall stopped me, though my hand was still placed on him.

     Absentmindedly,  I pulled the condom out of my pocket.

     "And why not?" I said, breathing heavily. 

     Niall jumped from his skin.

     "Where in the hell did you find that?" he exclaimed.

     "In your pants pocket," I said. 

     "What? What pants?" he was close to shouting. I leaped from the top bunk to retrieve the pants. I dug through the mountain of clothes and finally found them.


     Niall's bright blue eyes were screaming. "Lindsay, that condom wasn't mine," 


     "What do you mean it isn't yours? How did it show up in your pocket then?" I exclaimed. This night sure wasn't going as planned at all.

     "I took that condom away from Zayn!" he said, "he said he had his eye on some girl and wanted to have one just to stay safe. I told him to forget it and took it away from him as a joke!" 




     "Call Zayn! NOW!" I was up to a faint scream at this point. 

     "Does this mean we don't get to use the condom for ourselves?" Niall always tried to make jokes in dire situations. 

     "Oh please, Niall, from the look of you while you were fixing yourself earlier, that thing would never fit," 

     Niall must have not heard me with the phone up to his ear. He hung the phone up and threw it onto the bed.


     Niall stared at me with concern, "I got his answering machine..."

     "Well Niall, sorry to spoil your night, but we're going to Zayn's to make sure Aj is not there!" I rushed to get my stuff together. 

     "And if she is?" Niall stated, struggling to put a shirt back on.

     i replied, "Then your friend is a dead man."







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