The Untold Story

One Direction is now known as the group with infectious tunes. But take a trip back to freshman year of high school. With abusive relationships, drinking, affairs, and deaths, follow Lindsay Prescott through the trials and tribulations of high school with the band and friends. Through the eyes of a typical teen girl, Lindsay exposes to us the the untold stories of 1D that not even the press could do.


34. Forget About It

Some how I managed to clean Aj and console her. It surprised me how open I was to helping the bleeding and wet Aj out of the tub and into a pair of my clothes after all that happened, but I somehow put the pieces together during this.

Ever since she and Zayn have been together, she's seemed to be down. She is negative about everything and hooked up with Zayn every chance she got. Today, they were found in the bathroom. Her clothes were tattered and her body was bruised. Zayn was abusing her, and she used sex to control him.

Sitting in bed next to her, her asleep and my mind wondering, I thought back to the last time Aj was in my room with me. We were ten, and obsessed with the new thought of dating boys. We'd sit and imagine and talk about the things we'd do with boys: kiss them, date them, marry them and have kids with them. Aj's parents, who were divorced, always taught her to chose a boy that would treat her right and never hurt her, whether emotional or physical. Now, four years later, I'm dating the only boy I'd ever loved and crushing the bad boy with dead ex and tattoos strewn across his body. Aj's seeing the boy who bangs her and beats her and makes her feel so powerless she converts to cutting.

Then remembering, I saw next week in my mind. A Thanksgiving with Dad home, Mom around me to bug me, and Zayn, Harry, Liam, Lou', Niall, and Aj all here for a period of time too...

This should be interesting.


*Thanksgiving Day*

I set the turkey in the center of the table, causing a ricocheting sound of the plate clang the table. Dad, finally back from a business trip, sat in the ominous black lounger in front of the tv, flicking between football and bowling special. His glasses rested neatly on his ears, making his black hair look more old and him older and wiser. Mom was in the hallway upstairs, and I heard her heels click as they entered the bathroom, where only last week Aj bled from her wrists, collapsing into the bathtub and sobbing.

     "Honey, look outside to see who's here," Mom said condescendingly to dad, moving into the next room. I watched from a distance as Dad reached across to the window to open the bright blue curtains. Sun leaked in, causing Dad to wince.

     "I got it," I said, running to the door. My heels created a monotone clinking noise against the hardwood, and my curly hair fell from my sides and gently fell down my back. 

     "Thanks, Linds'," Dad said, continuing to read his paper. I struggled to open the door, and finally got it open.

     "You best have some turkey!" I heard Harry shout, climbing out of the van. He sported a dark navy tux, his hair still scraggly and pants wrinkled. After him, Liam crawled out carrying a football and a gallon of cider. Louis then jumped out, laughing. Zayn then came from the front seat, and Aj on his lap. She wore a flashy red dress, low on the shoulders and high on the hips. Since that night, her bruises had disappeared- like they never happened.

     Liam threw the football one armed to Harry, and he caught it, running up the driveway. Liam and Louis fell behind, Zayn and Aj hand in hand behind them.

     "So, Miss Prescott, how shall I greet you properly?" Harry lifted my hand, delicately giving it a kiss. All I noticed was behind the crowd, Niall emerging from the front, still illegally driving. He bore a black shirt with a green vest thrown over it, and very dark jeans. He looked dilusional, closing the door without even looking in the direction if the car. He stood silent there for a second, and then headed towards the house.

"Well, I guess that means a hug," Harry grabbed me in a messy bear-hug, lifting me and shaking me.

"Now Har-Bear, that's not how we treat our mate's main girl," Liam stated, tugging Harry away. They passed me, then Louis, Zayn, Aj, until finally Niall was climbing the stairs towards me- by me and then right into my house without a greeting...

"Save me some potatoes, Haz'!" Niall shouted, sitting down, leaving me at the door with cool air slapping my face.



***Sorry for taking so long to update, everybody! I'm busy and have so much to do lately. Sadly, this time has caused the book to not match the time of the year. But still, there will be a Christmas, trust me!!!

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