The Untold Story

One Direction is now known as the group with infectious tunes. But take a trip back to freshman year of high school. With abusive relationships, drinking, affairs, and deaths, follow Lindsay Prescott through the trials and tribulations of high school with the band and friends. Through the eyes of a typical teen girl, Lindsay exposes to us the the untold stories of 1D that not even the press could do.


28. Call Him Logan

Long story short, I now have In-School Suspension for a week. For the next 5 days I have to sit in an isolated room with Aj and a few strangers.

Good news is that the teacher, Mr. Browning, hardly ever enters the room. Rumor has it that he stays across the hall with some teacher he has an affair with. Bad news: for 8 hours a day I'm in a closed, locked place with some of the school's worst people. Thing is, I'm in here too.

In the back corner, metal music blasted in a kids' ears. A few seats from me, some girl played with her gum ball the size of a baby's fist. Behind me, Aj sat sleeping (though probably texting Zayn). Directly beside me, a boy leaned back in his chair, hood pulled over his face. He also listened to music, but I luckily didn't have to hear it. His eyes were closed, incredibly dark brown hair brushed over them. His lips were pursed, like he smelt something wafering around in the room. The way his feet were propped on the desk suggested confidence, but I could tell he was a few seconds from falling.

"Ya gonna look at me all day?" I was caught. The boy opened his eyes, revealing equally dark gray eyes. They were slate-like and icy, but at the same time intriguing. He snickered, pulling out his earbuds. Shockingly fast, he positioned his feet back to the floor, sitting up and offering me a hand.

"Logan Price, but the likes of you call me Logan," he neared his hands to me and I took it. It felt rough, and I noticed how awkwardly it was fit into mine. Unlike Niall's or Alan's, it was like a rugged jigsaw puzzle being jammed into another.

"The likes of me?" I said, trying to sound as clearly irritated as I was.

"Pretty girls. They always call me that. And what shall I call you?" he smirked again, revealing a mouth full of perfect teeth- a perfect smile.

"Why don't you ask your other pretty girls what they call me," I took back my hand, faced the front of the room and ignored him.

"Well I'm betting they call you 'bitch' because they're jealous of you. But whatever, let them win I guess," his face turned serious, and he put his back to me, facing the far corner of the room. He crosse his arms, pouted, and leaned his chair back. His head landed in my lap.

"I don't reckon you would want that to happen," he whispered to me.

I pushed his head out of my lap, laughing without my own control. This kid was a nut...

"It's fine, I'm taken anyway." Niall flashed into mind at last, his blue eyes and blonde hair. But when I saw him, Alan returned to my mind.

"By who? That blonde kid?" Logan continued to pester me, beginning to run his hand through my hair. I slapped his hand away.

"'That blonde kid' is Niall Horan," I said, rising to my feet to avoid him from touching me. I noticed Aj glance at me, then look back down at her paper to defer my look. I noticed her cover her black eye, put her face back into her phone.

"Yea, I've heard his name. Helps my ego to call him 'that blonde kid'" he mocked me, standing and backing away.

"Ego? Seems to me like you got just enough ego to where you don't have to degrade my boyfriend," I moved down a seat, sitting down and pushing my hair over my face.

He wasn't getting the picture. He walked back over to me, placing his rough hands on my shoulders. He neared his face to my ear and whispered, "It's girls like you that break apart my ego..." He backed away, flashing his teeth again.

I jumped from my seat, facing him, "Okay, maybe we started on the wrong foot. Let's try it again. Hi, I'm Lindsay,"

He shook my hand, playing the serious act, "Hi. My name's Logan Price. You still call me Logan,"

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