The Untold Story

One Direction is now known as the group with infectious tunes. But take a trip back to freshman year of high school. With abusive relationships, drinking, affairs, and deaths, follow Lindsay Prescott through the trials and tribulations of high school with the band and friends. Through the eyes of a typical teen girl, Lindsay exposes to us the the untold stories of 1D that not even the press could do.


30. Breakout

Since Alan's death, confrontation has been all but dificult. With him, I shied away- hoping he would talk first. Of course, he did, but now look at where he landed. I walked into the door of ISS to find the usual (a couple of nobodies doing useless crap here and there). But unlike the norm', on Wednesday morning I entered the room to find Logan absent. But Aj was here, standing right in my way.

"Excuse you," she summoned, pointing her finger at the far wall.

"Looks to me like you're the one in the way," Her desk was directly behind her, a phone resting on the top.

"Sorry, but I have to go to the bathroom," she shot daggers from her eyes, "You would understand," I rummaged my mind for comebacks.

"Sadly, no. I don't prefer to have sex with my boyfriend in public restrooms," she was enraged, pushing me out of the way to click her heels down the hallway. Mr. Browning was across the hall, unaware his students were leaving their entrappment.

The other kids in the room were oblivious to the previous showdown, listening to music or sleeping. But the tapping on the window sure didn't. Something in my heart wished it were Niall or Alan, or maybe both- reunited. But when I jerked around, my eyes only met Logan's. He was outside, in the storm. His near-black hair was matted neatly over one eye, a beanie protecting the majority of his head from the rain. Water escaped from the clouds ahead, and as they hit Logan all over, he reacted unlike most.

When most would cover their faces, Logan tipped his chin to the sky, allowing the sky's tear to fall into his mouth. The muscles in his neck relaxed, and Logan once again found contact with me. I could faintly understand him mouthing, "Taste's great," to me. Somehow, he looked beautiful. The weather ruined everything and cast darkness- Logan was a nightlight- protecting me.

I rushed the window, not knowing what to expect. I opened it, and he kissed the air playfully to both sides like a beauty star. "Oh Lindsay, don't I look ravishing this evening?" He ran his fingers through his soaked hair, following up with ringing out his shirt of water. I caught a glimpse of his tanned skin, and responded:

"Logan, my dear, you are the fairest in the land!" he laughed, flexing his biceps and kissing them.

"Well, don't be a chicken, Juliet, join me!" The windows, positioned low on the wall for children to climb out if neccasary, provided Logan the chance to reach his drenched arms inside. His hands landed on my hips, and pulled me to the outside world. As he laughed and lifted me with ease, my mind went back to Niall and I's first time, his hands on my hips as well. But this was different, I felt it. Logan's hands rescued me, let me be free and beautiful. Niall's was a short cure, wearing off. No, Logan's grip on my sides was firm and reassuring.

I hated that.

He graciously lifted me over the window sill, only to drop me into the giant mud puddle under it. He laughed, "Oops, sorry," he mixed sarcasm into his comment, and I found his leg. Swiftly, I took it out from under him. He tripped, and his body landed huddled over mine.

He landed it a pile on top of me, stopping himself with his hands. Our faces were inches away, and his dark hair fell over his eyes.

He lifted a strand of hair in his finger tips, placing them on my upper lip as if a mustache. It tickled, and in the back of my mind it felt like his lips.

"Well, Juliet, I guess it's safe to say you're the prettiest man I've ever met," he kissed me on the cheek, rolled off of me, and took off.

I lay silent, feeling the warmth of his lips on my cheek as a memory. I stood and ran after him- this one won't get away.

As I chased after him, my mind and eyes wondered. To Niall and Alan and Aj and Zayn. I looked ahead, my glance falling onto Logan's write shirt and jeans. The water drenched them, and I saw through to his back. On it, a tattoo lay on the crook between his shoulderblades. Determined for a closer look, I sprinted to catch up.

"You'll have to try harder to get me!" he mocked over his shoulder.

Rain blasted from the sky, and lightning split the darkness on the horizon. In a moment of complete black, I witnessed Logan slip in a puddle, flying a few feet.

I laughed like I never had before. I laughed until my throat ached and my mouth was dry. It was a real laugh. Logan turned onto his back, revealing his abs and chest through his shirt. Again, a dark tattoo ran down his side and across his arm. Up close, I noticed that it was a musical scale, with notes swimming up and down the scale.

"Can't stop looking, huh?" he giggled, standing on his feet and looming over me. Close to him, Alan was alive and Niall was real. Everything was right.

"I haven't seen it ALL," I murmered, regretting it after it left my tongue. Why was I so flirty around him?

He planted a kiss on my forehead, "And probably never will," He turned away, and I finally saw was lie on his back. It was the musical scale, ending. Delicately written across his back was Latin. It read: Et omnis amor, quia est finis.

Translation: 'end of all love'.

And despite the pouring rain and the dreary, confusing weather, I swear it was tears that slid down Logan's face.

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