The Untold Story

One Direction is now known as the group with infectious tunes. But take a trip back to freshman year of high school. With abusive relationships, drinking, affairs, and deaths, follow Lindsay Prescott through the trials and tribulations of high school with the band and friends. Through the eyes of a typical teen girl, Lindsay exposes to us the the untold stories of 1D that not even the press could do.


42. Backstage

     It felt like my world around me was crumbling down as i sat, legs crossed, behind the curtain of the stage. Battle of the Bands was starting in an hour and people were already filing in the front door to the gymnasium. Logan was across from me, timelessly practicing his beat and mouthing the words I was dying to hear. 

     Niall and his crew was a couple spaces away, Hailey sitting on Niall's lap.

     "They're disgusting aren't they," Aj smirked from behind me.

     "I wouldn't say that, they're just him and me, minus the me and double the skank," I rolled my eyes, seeing Zayn wink towards us. Aj shot a bird and a dirty look and skipped away, pleased.

     "So, um Lindsay," Logan looked up from his guitar for a moment. Looking at him felt like an eternity smashed into one second, and yet I could not manage to look him in the eyes.

     "Yes Logan,"

     "Where are we," he stumbled across his words.

     "Battle of the Bands, the point of no return," I joked.

     "I mean with us,"

     The one single question I was avoiding had finally hit me. To be honest, I didnt know. I had stronger feelings of anything towards Niall than ever Logan...

     "I don't know,"

"That's the best excuse you could come up with?" Logan smiled. He had outsmarted me, again.

"What's that supposed to mean?" I grinned.

"I mean that you're avoiding me emotionally because you still really like Niall and in the long run still see yourself with that drunken bastard,"

There's a certain line to where a new friends with benefits can ridicule an ex boyfriend, and whether or not I was designated to draw this line or not, Logan had crossed it.

"Okay Loagn, for starters I don't still like him, and what makes you think you know him?"

"Maybe the fact that he had been seeing Hailey the entire time he was dating you and didn't drink because of Alan, but to take off the stressful possibility of you catching him. And maybe I know this because Hailey and Abbey were best friends before she killed herself because Hailey would rather sleep with the entire school than spend time with her best friend. And maybe she just obviously wasn't done when she pushed Abbey over the edge so she had to drag me down too!"

He stood, towering over me and his grim look rippling through my veins; I felt like lead, falling harder and harder but eventually i would crash.

"I just never thought Hailey would do it using you. The one person I'd trusted since Abbey,"

And that's when I crashed.

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