The story of Princess Marabelle

A 16 year old girl in 1822, in the middle ages, fighting to survive alone a battle that may never end, she fell in love with Prince Petter. the day she will never forget is when.... she will regreat the day she met petter or will she ever know how is the man on the white horse?


1. princess nightmare

      It all began in 1288 when a young, 16 year old princess named Marabelle, or Princess Marabelle to be correct, was in her bedroom in her castle, looking into the mirror thinking to herself of the day she will get married and when will the day will she meet her prince charming. She thought about how could a sweet girl like her not have princes lining up at her door? when a sudden crash came in through the north window, this is the day she would have the attack of her life.... she ran out of her room down the royal stairs and suddenly stopped. she found her mother laying on the ground bleeding to her death as she wanted to cry for help. all over the queens face were hundreds of tiny pieces of glass, Marabelle wanted to run to her mother to see if she at least had a pulse but as she started to run, three man came in through the window, she didnt have were to turn so she hid under a small table. she watched as the men dragged her mother away she cried silently, making a puddle of tears. as they didnt look she made a dash to the maids room, climbed out of the window and made it in the woods, strange steps of horses came upon behind her. Marabelle felt as the steps came closer.... and closer...                                                            and closer.......................                                              she saw as a white glove almost grabbed her shoulder and she made a sharp turn into a fallen tree. a few days passed by and a strange noise came over marabelle.....                    

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